England protects Serbia over Bosnia for decades

In time when ex-leader of Bosnian Serbs Radovan Karadzic face himself with first witnesses of war crimes committed under his rule in “Serb Republic of Bosnia and Herzegovina” UK authorities arrest ex-member of Bosnian Presidency under suspicion of war crimes. Dr. Ejup Ganic, respected scolar and academic, is arrested in London last month do to arrest warrant issued by Serbian Government for suspicion that he committed war crime against Yugoslavian People Army Officers in Sarajevo in 1992.

In today’s Guardian, author Adam LeBor, writes about dr. Ganic case and he rightly concludes that UK authorities are protecting Serbia against Bosnia since 1990’s and blood wars on Balkan. That happens in time when John Major was in Downing Street No. 10 and when we saw Lord Paddy Ashdown, later High Representative of EU in Bosnia, playing chess with accused war criminal Radovan Karadzic. But in LeBor’s story of UK cover of Serbia we don’t find a very important link between two countries. Missing link are royal families of United Kingdom and Serbia, Windsor’s and Karadjordjevic’s.

If we look to the past, not to far, we will see that royal families are connected trough Queen Vicotoria. When Hitler attack’s Serbian in Second World War, in April 1941, royal family and Royal Government fled from Serbia to London were they stay during the War under protection and financial support of House of Winsor. Later in 1945 in Suite 212 in Claridge’s Hotel in Brook Street, temporarily Yugoslavian territory,   Princess Alexander give a birth to King’s only son Crown Prince Alexander who stays in London since late 1990’s. Also UK’s Government in Second World War, under Winston Churchill’s mandate, had a wonderful cooperation with Royal Army in Yugoslavia and her commander in chief general Dragoljub Draza Mihajlovic. General Mihajlovic was not leader of Royal Army, he was leader of rebellion group called “chetnicks” and one of the worst war criminals in Balkans history in last 200 years.

Even beside those facts he had a major help from Churchill’s Government since he flip’s his support on winner’s side and start to help Partisans and Marshal Tito. General Mihajlovic and his comrades are responsible for hundred of thousand of dead Muslims, Serbs, Jews and others in Second World War in Serbia, Bosnia and Montenegro and UK’s Government help them in that. Almost similar situation was in a last war and it happens today with help to Serbian Government against dr. Ganic, falsely accused and convicted Mr. Ilija Jurisic and other 400 soldiers, politicians and other officers of Bosnia and Herzegovina’s establishment in 1990’s.  That show’s us why UK is on the Serbian side in process against dr. Ganic and why is working on rewriting of war’s history. When someone is connected to your family you wouldn’t touch him and hurt him on any way.


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