Helena Guergis

Uncovering new details in case Guergis-Jaffer affair becomes daily issue for major part of public, media and Parliament. Today’s reports are discovering that Helena Guergis’s newly appointed lawyer is same one who helped her husband ex-MP Rahim Jaffer to negotiate a controversial deal on his drug charges few weeks ago.

Mr. Guergis appointed Howard Rubel to deal with her current situation on Parliament Hill and with RCMP and the Ethics Commissioner after PM’s decision to remove her from his caucus in HOC. She is highly devoted to fight to clear her name and try to salvage her reputation in politics and HOC.

In her today’s email statement to Globe and Mail Guergis said that is very difficult to answer allegations based on anonymous sources.  “Nevertheless, I intend to defend myself to the fullest extent to ensure that the record is set straight”, Guergis said today.

CTV reported last night that a anonymous private investigator contacted Conservative Party lawyer and express concern about potential threat of blackmail arising from allegations about purchase and use of drugs. Lawyer immediately informed PM about those allegations and Mr. Guergs said she was shocked by this CTV’s report.