Street names and sings are new conflict on Middle East



Israeli-Palestinian conflict gets new dispute in a last few weeks. New street signs and names in Palestinian capital Ramallah created new international problem for both sides in conflict including main peace negotiator USA.

An Israeli TV crew came through Ramallah last week and founded that a street where is located PM Salam Fayyad’s office and construction ground of new presidential compound declaring it street as “Yahya Ayyash Street”.  The street name wouldn’t be any problem for Israeli side if the Yahya Ayyash was not connected with radical Islamist movement Hamas and that he was considered as one of the most known Hamas bomb maker.

If we look in Ayyash biography we will find that his nickname was “Engineer”, his work on bomb preparation led to the deaths of dozens of Israelis on crowded streets in late 1990’s. Also he was killed by Israeli security forces by trapped cellphone in Gaza.   Israeli and US side said in their statements that glorification of terrorists harmed peace efforts and had to stop immediately.

Palestinian authorities stated last week that Israeli PM Mr. Netanyahu was concerned about street name in effort to divert attention of media and public from international pressure connected to Jewish settlements in West Bank.   But Mr.Netanyahu’s action on Ayyash street is nothing new to Middle East, Palestinians do same thing for a decade’s constantly protesting against Israeli street names honored to those ones who committed “crimes against Palestinians”.

In their statement Palestinians said that one of the worst examples is street honored to Menachem Begin, Israeli PM and Nobel laureate, who was according to them responsible for murder of innocent Palestinians in 1948 and his role in Deir Yassin massacre.   Central authority in Ramallah said that street names dispute is city affairs and that they don’t have intention to intervene in those affairs. In his statement to NY Times Ghassan Khatib, spokesperson for Palestinian Authority said that he personally finds this street name inappropriate but he repeat that street names are city affair.

City director of Ramallah, Ahmad Abu Laban, stated last week that street names as Ayyash’s is chosen several years ago by local committee and that they don’t have any regrets because they are proud of martyrs.


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