Stephen Harper and “Don’t ask, don’t say”

Stephen Harper

Stephen Harper

Canadian PM Stephen Harper is well known politician who plays “Don’t ask, don’t tell” games in every possible situation and that he doesn’t care about his parliamentarian colleagues, his caucus, media and his fellow Canadians. Whenever his is faced with some new affair or problem he is totally silent and if he speaks he do that when affair is already all over a media and public. He miscarried Afghanistan affair connected to Colvin’s testimony, now he does same thing with Guergis/Jaffer affair.

Guergis/Jaffer affair is highly important issue not only for political parties is much more important for public because we want to know what happens here and did his government has any connection with Jaffer’s lobbing? Moreover we want to know did Jaffer had access to his Office and governmental funds through his Conservative connections and wife in Harper’s cabinet? In this situation I’m afraid that we don’t will get those answers because he is silent and his continuously repeat himself. Who cares if he send all information’s to RCMP or Ethics Commissioner we want clear picture regarding all accusations placed against Guergis and Jaffer.

How we can trust someone who said that he send all information’s to Ethics Commissioner and almost week after that we acknowledged that he just ask Commissioner to review data but he didn’t ask her to star investigation? Stephen Harper will have a new chance to address all those questions in front of Parliament and public when he stands up on Question period on Monday. When I listen Harper’s responds on QP and when I read all media reports I’m really close to conclusion that there is something important in this story that is not for public.

Also it seems that Harper is trying to save someone’s and his one position and to hide all dirty details connected to all those cases. Almost three decades ago Richard Nixon had his own affair and he was also repeater in laying to public that he doesn’t know anything about Watergate affair. We know how he finished his career with impeachment, will Harper finish his own with elections impeachment really soon. We don’t know that but if Guergis/Jaffers doesn’t get clarification really soon his political career is close to go down instead to go up.

I don’t say that Ignatieff or Layton will be better choice for Canada but after all those years of Harpers government anybody else will be better for Canada and Canadians.


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