Saudi Arabia wants a space in nuclear world

Riyadh, Saudi Arabia

Riyadh, Saudi Arabia

According to latest reports from Saudi’s official News agency The King Abdullah City for Nuclear and Renewable energy in Riyadh will host university research laboratories and private own enterprises involved in low-carbon energy.

This decision is a strong signal to the World that SA intends to pursue civilian nuclear power as many other high developed countries in the World. SA Government appointed this week Harvard-trained physicist Hasim Abdullah Yamani, the former commerce and trade minister, as a head of new established Centre. SA Minister for Oil Ali al-Naimi said to The National Newspapers that using of alternative energy that are reliable and sustainable for power generation and water desalination will reduce dependence on hydrocarbon resources.

Government also informed that they will consider use of solar energy for domestic and export use, but on Saturday those plans are abandoned after announcement related to establishment of nuclear centre. According to media reports this centre will draft national nuclear policy, national policy for nuclear power use and will supervise the SA’s use of atomic energy and will represent SA at the IAEA in Vienna. With her new nuclear centre Saudi Arabia joins to other Gulf countries led by UAE that are pursuing or planning their use of nuclear power to reduce their domestic consumption of petroleum resources for electricity generation.

This Centre is established in kingdoms wish to find a new way to generate highly needed electricity from any other reliable source rather to use enormous amounts of oil and natural gas. Solar energy use is still in early phases of development, at this moment SA is producing less than 10 Megawatts of solar energy in Masdar City so called “carbon neutral” community being built near Abu Dhabi.


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