Is Nick Clegg new Winston Churchill?

Nick Clegg and David Cameron

Nick Clegg and David Cameron

VANCOUVER – The Liberal Democrat leader, Nick Clegg, is growing in confidence in his work and his party, also he’s getting more and more public watch than before he take a part in first televised leader debate last week. With his unusual approach to TV debate and his answers in same debate and media Clegg face himself with comparison to ser Winston Churchill, Tony Blair and current US president Barack Obama. Is he new Winston Churchill?

Well in British politics everything is possible and nothing is surprising. Winston Churchill was several times in position of unpopularity and losing elections especially on the start of his political career but he raise himself and his political manifesto to the Downing Street No.10 two times. In Churchill’s case unforgettable fact is that he lost his first elections after the Second World War beside his popularity as war leader and one of the most influential political leaders in the world at the moment. Nick Clegg is on the right track to bring some fresh faces and politics to the Westminster and Downing Street No.10. He won first debate with major advantage; his party is still on the third place in average polls but with only 4% less support that current Labour majority.

Clegg is not marvelous speaker as Churchill but he is very understandable to public, to average people, his rhetoric is simple and clear without heavy words and political dogmas what can be his advantage. His youngness also can help him to bring some new young voters on elections and to force them in world of politics. He had a charisma but not even close to sir Churchill’s charisma, but as we know from history several leaders led their countries to the skies without major charisma only with their ideas and smart policies. If Clegg chose his advisers and cabinet members on right way his Government can really successful and popular in UK.

On domestic plan Liberal Democrats leader get support on hard topics as education, immigration and health policy, but for him major obstacle can be upcoming debate on foreign politics which will be held on Thursday, April 22. Beside this support he will need to prepare new tactics for hardly hurt economy and parliamentarian reform especially on unfunctional and party dependent House of Lords. Clegg doesn’t have a major foreign experience what can be advantage to Mr. Brown and Conservative leader Cameron, but Clegg can be dangerous player on this debate. Behind scene Clegg has experienced general, diplomat and politician Lord Paddy Ashdown well experienced in foreign affairs in Ireland, European Union and on the Balkans where he is present since late 1990’s. Clegg needs represent new independent foreign affair policy towards European Union, Iraq and Iran with unique British way which will not be too far but also not too close to Obama’s foreign policy.

Sure that he can be new Winston Churchill. Someone who will led Britons to unity and strength on the way out of recession, political dirtiness and old fashioned politics century ago established by Labours and Tories. This is century of change. Obama win elections in USA, more and more countries are led by women’s and why not to expect that Nick Clegg can be next UK PM?


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