Jean offers apology to Rwanda, Harper’s Government doesn’t accept word “genocide” for Srebrenica

Michaelle Jean and Stephen Harper

Michaelle Jean and Stephen Harper

Canadian Governor General Michaelle Jean offer apology to Rwanda in name of Canadian nation for failure to protect Rwandan people of genocide. In that genocide Rwanda lost over 1 million of her citizens. Besides acknowledging Canadian failure in this monstrous event Jean as experienced journalist and public officer also includes world’s failure to stop war and genocide. According to her statement on the press conference Jean said: “The world’s failure to respond adequately to genocide is a failure in which Canada, as part of international community readily acknowledges its failure fair of responsibility.”

GG’s statement is historic moment for both countries and is heroic step to acknowledgment that Canada has a fair of responsibility in Rwandan genocide in 1994. Jean praised retired general Romeo Dellaire for his role in Rwandan case and all good things which he accomplished in his UN mission in Rwanda. It seems that GG was working alone on this acknowledgment of Canadian failure because Harpers Government said that this is not official apology but they didn’t produce any negative comments regarding her statement.

Back in Ottawa spokesperson for senator Dellaire said that he is surprised with GG’s remark’s and that he was not alerted or consulted on any way in advance about this matter. Governor General is not first person who delivered acknowledgement or official apology to Rwandan people, former US president Bill Clinton does that in 1998 and French president Nicolas Sarkozy admitted mistakes in last February but he didn’t delivered official apology.

In same time when international community was occupied by Rwandan war and genocide in heart of Europe same events took a stage for almost two years and continued for next two and half years. It was blood Balkan wars; especially one in Bosnia and Herzegovina was committed genocide on more than 8000 thousand innocent men, kids, elder’s and women. That happens in a small town of Srebrenica. In only one day in July 1995 Bosnian Serb Army managed to kill and buried in mass graves thousands of people, unarmed people, just because they had a different name or they belong to different religion. Since Canada is one the countries who had her forces in B&H at that moment there is also a fair of failure not just as a country but as a part of international community. Against Canada and her interests works former general and commander of UN forces in B&H general Lewis MacKenzie. Ret. general MacKenzie is one of the few well known people in the world who doesn’t want to accept that genocide happens in Srebrenica, plus he is accused by several Bosnian women’s as rapist and helper to the Radovan Karadzic’s regime in 1990’s.

Several Bosnian and Bosniak institutions in Canada supported by members of CPC, LPC, NDP, BQ, Green Party, Islamic Congress of Canada and Jewish Congress of Canada and many more organizations present to Harpers Government Motion “M416” as part of remembering Srebrenica genocide. This Motion includes reference that genocide was committed in Srebrenica by Serbian forces, to establish B&H Tribute week and to acknowledge that 8000 people lost their lives in the worst act of genocide since Second World War in Europe. Well Harper’s Government sent this Motion back to the all mentioned institutions with few exchanges. Number of killed in Srebrenica massacre was lowered on 7000, B&H Tribute week was removed and what’s more important reference to genocide was removed from text.


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