Peter Milliken
Rt. Hon. Peter Milliken

Canadian Prime Minister Stephen Harper lost battle against Parliament to keep documents related to detention of Afghan detainees out of opposition MP’s. Speaker of HoC Peter Milliken said on Tuesday in his ruling that HoC has the right to request any documents it needs and that government must turn them over or risk being fund in contempt of Parliament.

Speaker gave sides, government and MP’s, two weeks to reach a compromise in this issue. Milliken also said that if none is obtained, the HoC could vote to find Harper’s government in contempt of Parliament.

Milliken’s rule was described as making of history. The Globe and Mail’s Brian Topp said: “He (Milliken) has joined the more than honourable ranks of principled advocates of democracy – those who have stood up, decisively, many times in the long history of parliamentary government, against autocracy and excessive executive power.” I must agree with Topp in conclusion that Milliken is an officer and servant of House of Commons, who knows his business.

Harper and his government probably will try to undermine Parliament’s supremacy in the Supreme Court of Canada but if he miss to make a compromise with opposition on this issue there is chance for new election.

Tuesday, April 27 2010, will be remembered as excellent day for Canada, for Canadian democracy and for open, truthful and accountable government.