Conservatives will fight against Parliament

House of Commons

House of Commons

On Wednesday Prime Minister Stephen Harper shows to his fellow Canadians that he is not ready to give up his story about “legal obligations” do to Speaker of House of Commons ruling on Afghan detainees documents. On the opening of daily Question Period Liberal Leader Michael Ignatieff asked PM if he would comply with that ruling, Mr. Harper suggested he would not roll over without fight.

“Mr. Speaker, we look forward to both complying with your ruling and with legal obligations that have been established by statutes passed by this Parliament. The fact of the matter is, the government cannot break the law, it cannot order public servants to break the law, nor can it do anything that would unnecessarily jeopardize the same of Canadian troops”, the Mr. Harper said in his response.

It seems that PM wants to push Canada in new election battle over this and all other highly questionable decisions of his government. NDP Leader Jack Layton told reporters that it’s hard to take any other way. According to The Toronto Star report Harper told MP’s the survival of minority government depends on “confidence” of the HoC, suggesting if opposition doesn’t like what he present to them they can always have a vote of non-confidence and call new elections.

Harpers DoC Dimitri Soudas said later in the day that preliminary negotiations between parties will start tomorrow led by Justice Minister Rob Nicholson and Tory House Leader Jay Hill.

On the other side Opposition Leader Mr. Ignatieff told to reporters on Parliament Hill that to ignore Speaker’s rule will be a mistake. “This is a big deal. A government that doesn’t listen to clear word of Speaker is making a cardinal error. It’s obvious to me that a solution is within the gasp of people of good faith, so let’s find it”, said Ignatieff.

Compromise or elections will be known in next two weeks. But if opposition decide to call new elections situation in HoC and government will stay as same, Harper will get new minority government and he will continue to play his games.

Hot topic related to Guergis/Jaffer scandal was on the back of the list of questions on today’s QP, but after Mr. Nazim Gillani’s testimony this issue will rise again on tomorrow’s QP with same importance as Afghan detainees rule.


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