St. Paul’s Hospital setting up cradle for unwanted babies

St. Paul's Hospital

St. Paul's Hospital

Vancouver’s St. Paul’s Hospital is setting up cradle for mother to leave unwanted babies. The Angle’s Cradle will be first of its kind in Canada, but this system is already well developed and used in Southeast Asia, Europe and United States for decades. According to Hospital official’s location of the Cradle will be in an alcove at the emergency department on Burrard Street under an angel sign.

Head of the hospital’s obstetrics and gynecology department, Dr. Geoffrey Cundiff, in his statement to Vancouver Sun said that he wanted a way for troubled mothers to leave their babies safely and anonymously at the hospital instead of abandoning them on the street. Abandoned babies are usual leaved in the Hospital or on the hospital’s steps but in the past Vancouver Police Department discovered several babies leaved in dumpsters or in between houses in East Vancouver.

Angle’s Cradle is private area and isn’t covered by security cameras or officers, mothers can access to Cradle from outside or inside the hospital. Nursing station is equipped by alarm which will go off 30 seconds after a baby has been left to the nursing station. “The mother’s anonymity is guaranteed as the staff will not approach her or attempt to identify her later”, Dr. Cundiff told reporters and added that hospital reached an agreement with VPD that no action will be taken by police to trace mother. VPD this would not consider as unsafe abandonment.

The funding for this St. Paul’s Hospital project comes from Roman Catholic Archdiocese of Vancouver’s Project Advance, an annual collection taken in parishes for social programs.


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