Canadian leader traveling to Europe instead to work on Afghan detainee debate

Stephen Harper is travelling to Europe

Stephen Harper is travelling to Europe

PM Stephen Harper will be traveling throughout Europe next week instead to stay in Canada and help his government and MP’s to reach a deal on Afghan detainee debate and to explain to public all unclear details regarding Guergis/Jaffer scandal. PM will take a part in 65th anniversary ceremonies marking Canada’s role in the liberation of the Netherlands, beside that he will visit Belgium, Croatia and briefly Germany.

Annual anniversary ceremonies throughout the Netherlands are celebrating the end of World War II, which marks liberating of the Netherlands on May 5, 1945. The role of Canadian troops and fact that Ottawa provided shelter to Dutch Princess Juliana and her children has to led a strong bond between the two countries.

Leaving behind him highly important Afghan detainee battle and Speaker’s ruling PM will held “important” talks on global economy and potential impact of the Greek debt crisis on financial situation in World. While in the Netherlands, Mr. Harper will visit Amsterdam and The Hague which is seat of the government and seat for two very important world courts – International Crime Court and International Court for Former Yugoslavia. PM Harper will also visit Croatia’s capital Zagreb and capital of Germany, Berlin, on his way back to Ottawa.

His talk in Croatia will be chance to get more information about situation in Balkan region especially in Bosnia and Herzegovina. According to Italy proposal situation in Bosnia and Herzegovina will be discussed on next G8 meeting in Muskoka in June, Croatia as regional leader in EU integration and NATO integration processes will be rich source of information for Canadian leader.


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