Lady Ashton will quite EU foreign affairs job

Baroness Ashton

Baroness Ashton

British representative in EU government Baroness Ashton will quite well paid position of EU High Representative for foreign affairs according to The Daily Telegraph reports. Baroness Ahston will resign from position later this year after sever attack from political opponents that she is too inexperienced and weak politician for such important post as it is EU foreign minister. This post is created by Lisbon Treaty and it comes as exchange for previous position of High Representative for foreign affairs and security held by Spanish diplomat Javier Solana.

France and several other powerful countries put pressure on Lady Ahston accusing her for allowing EU Commission too much control over newly established EU diplomatic service that she is building from scratch. Same argument are used for accusations that she caused failure to stamp bureaucratic Brussels in-fight over EEAS (European External Action Service) which will control 7,000 diplomats in more than 130 embassies all over the world.

Several well informed sources in EU confirmed that Lady Ashton threatened to walk out of EU government especially do to personal reasons caused by criticism. On the other side in a statement to The Daily Telegraph Lady Ashton’s spokesperson said that she is appointed by EU leaders for full five year mandate and she has been confirmed by EU Parliament. “She is successfully doing her job and carrying out the work”, said her spokesperson.

Sources close to the EU Headquarters in Brussels reported that diplomats are unhappy with her inability to speak any other language beside her native English.

If she decides to quite her current job in EU her possible replacement from UK probably will be incumbent foreign secretary in Brown’s government, David Miliband, if he fails in his ambition to become new Labour leader after upcoming general elections on May 6th.


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