Chavez government confiscated critic’s estate

Amb. Diego Arria

Amb. Diego Arria

Venezuelan government led by Dictator Hugo Chavez expropriated this weekend an estate of former Venezuelan Ambassador Diego Arria. Ambassador Arria is well known critic of Chavez dictatorship government and one of the most eminent members of international diplomatic community. Chavez officials from National Land Institute (INTI) occupied the farm The Carolinas, situated in the central Venezuelan state of Caraboo, on Friday, alleging that the owner Mr. Arria must prove in court that his is rightful owner of the estate.

“The government seeks to stifle and silence all those who have different ideas of regime, and do not accept a settlement of any kind other than to respect the rights that any country would be respected”, Arria said in his statement to Nuevo Herald Miami from Caracas.

INTI official in charge, Samuel Capriles, said that workers who want to stay on The Carolinas can stay under tutelage of the state.

Mr. Arria is former ambassador of Venezuela to the United Nations, chaired the Security Council in 1992-1993. He was first high ranked UN official who visited Bosnian city of Srebrenica in  1993, he’s responsible for first warnings that something is wrong with situation in Srebrenica but his voice was alone and that finished with Srebrenica massacre in July 1995. Currently Mr. Arria is adviser to the United Nations. Also Mr. Arria led’s a group of prominent critics of Chavez regime, early he stated that there is enough evidence to prosecute Venezuelan leader internationally.

According to Arria statements intervention of his property is a political reprisal. The Carolinas was model not only to Venezuela but for all Latin America which produce 2,500 litres of milk, has about 250 head of cattle, has some 80 hectares of fields and generates 30 direct jobs.

Before action on ambassador Arria’s estate Chavez government expropriated estates of Colonel Guyon arguing that he was unproductive, also in April they confiscated land and industrial complex belonging to Polar Group largest private food and drink conglomerate in Venezuela.


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