Serbia expects better relation with new UK government


Serbia as one of the leaders on Balkans expects that new UK government led by David Cameron will have different views on Serbia as individual state and whole region. In todays reports many commentators says that appointment of Mr. William Hague as Foreign Secretary comes as signal that Britain wants to turn her foreign policy in different direction. In time of Labour rule in Downing Street No 10 Britain and Serbia conducted passionate and favourable politics in all fields. Britain was Serbia’s first aid in different period and occasions specially under Brown’s government, some of those action were taken in EU bodies, other were conducted on British territory. Best example for British-Serbia cooperation is arrest of former member of Bosnian Presidency Mr. Ejup Ganic on London airport based on arrest warrant issued on false information that Sarajevo is in Serbia.

Mr. Boban Djurdjevic, advisor for Serbia support MP caucus in British Parliament, says in statement for Belgrade’s Blic Newspaper that Mr. Hague will have more positive actions and policies towards Balkan. “On the other side, we have a strong coalition which has absolute majority in Parliament, Mr. Cameron and Mr. Clegg are young leaders, and they will be able to find common language in their work”, said Mr. Djurdjevic adding that Serbia will have smaller support from Britain if former LD Leader and former EU High Representative in Bosnia, Lord Paddy Ashdown takes power over Mr. Clegg’s Party.

Blic also remembers their readers that Mr. Hague said in his first statement that UK doesn’t support membership in euro zone or further power transfers from UK on EU governing bodies without national referendum, he also says that Cameron’s government wants better relations with US administration. Cameron’s government already said that they want to have more relaxed and independent relations with Obama team, what means that they want to conduct different foreign policies than it was case in Blair or Brown government.

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