The Pillar of Shame

In year when modern world celebrates six and half decades of Nazism defeat in Second World War small city of Srebrenica in Bosnia and Herzegovina will held mourning ceremonies for more than 8000 youngsters, men’s, women’s and senior’s killed in only one day in first genocide since 1945. Srebrenica and Bosnia and Herzegovina will remember her citizens killed by Serb’s Army led by war criminals general Ratko Mladic and Radovan Karadzic, but beside that Srebrenica will repeatedly warn whole democratic and humanized world on betrayal of United Nations. As whole world know UN forces led by Holland missed to protect more than 10,000 people, 8372 of them were brutally killed and buried in mass graves all over Podrinje region. Each year hundreds of families, in many cases only mothers, on July 11th are in Potocari near the place where they beloved are killed on mourning ceremonies and to buried those ones indentified  in last year or so.

The Pillar of Shame

The Pillar of Shame

Since westernized world is not yet ready to accept responsibility for his failure in Srebrenica The Centre for Political Beauty reached over to mother of Srebrenica and will erect lasting reminder of the guilt of UN, western politicians and military official for genocide committed in Srebrenica. This project started by Phillip Ruch will collect 16.744 shoes (representing 8.372 Srebrenica victims) which later will be inserted in two gigantic letters measuring eight meters in height and coloured in white. Those two letters will be significant letters: “U” and “N”. All shoes incorporated in this monumental reminder of political and military failure in last European genocide are collected in mass graves and they belong to actual victims. Each letter will be penetrated by bullet holes significantly representing those ones killed by criminal hands only because they preached to different God, because they had a different name, because they belonged to different national group. Many of those shoes will represent innocent youngsters killed without reason. Since late 1990’s world sees every year same pictures from Srebrenica, pictures of father who calls his son to came in Serb’s military camp, to in death. Ramo’s and Nermin’s shoes will be included in this monument were will be written names of those UN officials who failure to protect them. It seems that they sleep very well every night, but mother of Srebrenica are not sleeping they living their life of memories and remembrance for their beloved ones killed in only one day. Mothers of Srebrenica will decide where this monument of shame will be placed and whose name will be inscribed on, who will stay forever remembered as associate in genocide.

So if you don’t belong in described population of associates to genocide please support The Pillar of Shame project. In following I’m presenting you words of survivors; let’s not forget their struggle to find their beloved ones. Please help us to keep a live Srebrenica story and to protect not only Europe but whole world of new genocides and dictators.

„The entire world was watching our children being killed and us being chased away“, Hatidža Mehmedović, president of the Mothers of Srebrenica Association

„I believe they are hoping that we – the eyewitnesses of the crime committed – will die one day, so that there will no longer be anyone reminding them of the global shame they caused“,Fazila Efendić, returnee to Srebrenica

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