Silajdzic’s first visit to Belgrade

Haris Silajdzic

Haris Silajdzic

President of Bosnian Presidency Dr. Haris Silajdzic will visit Belgrade next week in his first visit since start of last Balkan war in 1990’s. This visit to Serbian capital will be considered as unofficial visit because he didn’t consult other two members of Presidency before he accepted invitation from Serbian President Mr. Boris Tadic. Mr. Silajdzic and Mr. Tadic will held talks regarding upcoming Balkan-EU summit which will be held in Sarajevo next month, Istanbul Declaration signed by Turkish President Mr. Abdullah Gul and on the other side Mr. Tadic and Mr. Silajdzic. During his visit Bosnian representative will visit Central Prison Complex in Belgrade and will held a meeting with Mr. Ilija Jurisic accused for war crimes against Yugoslavian People Army in 1990`s. Mr. Jurisic case is one of the largest disputes between two countries, and is reason for cold relations between neighbours for more than two years.

Serbian representatives in Bosna and Herzegovina are against this visit because they think that Serbia as their protector and helper for more than two decades will start to work with Bosniak`s and start support process of enlarging powers of central government in Sarajevo. They also think that Serbia will forget on promises given to them regarding future position of Republic of Srpska in new Bosnian constitution.

President Tadic visited last week private estate of Republic of Srpska PM Mr. Milorad Dodik where he held meetings with Mr. Dodik, Serbian representative in Bosnian Presidency Mr. Radmanovic and President of National Assembly of RS Mr. Radojicic. In his statement to present journalist Mr. Tadic says that upcoming visit of Mr. Silajdzic will be considered as private visit and as chance to improve regional relations.

“I will receive him (Mr. Silajdzic) in wish to improve our regional relations and that is similar visit to other visit to us. Also I will attend next month`s summit in Sarajevo as any other summit or initiative on regional cooperation”, said Mr. Tadic.

Some political voices are also against Mr. Siladjzic`s visit to Belgrade. Opponents are claiming that Mr. Siladjzic is going to Belgrade as servant to official political representatives of country who attacked his people and committed genocide against his own people. He wouldn’t be first Bosniank representative who will visit Belgrade; in next week or two in visit to Belgrade will travel president of the biggest Bosniank party Mr. Sulejman Tihic who is also vice president of Bosnian Parliament. Before Mr. Silajdzic and Mr. Tihic in Serbian capital was leader of Bosnian Muslims Grand Mufti Mustafa Ceric who also held a meetings with Serbian President Mr. Tadic.

Next month`s regional meeting in Sarajevo between Balkan and EU will be second summit of series of planned meeting in this year. Last summit in Slovenia failed because Serbia refuse to attend on it; main reason was Kosovo`s attendance as independent state. Serbia is still refusing to recognize Kosovo as independent state and is refusing to attend any summit or conference where Kosovo will be represented as independent state. On Sarajevo`s summit all attendants will be represented only by their official names without mentioning their status of “Republic” or “Independent state”.


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