The Economist portraits Stephen Harper as Israel’s man

The Economist

The Economist on Stephen Harper

The Economist portraits Canadian PM Stephen Harper as new Israel`s friend in North America. In quick review of Canadian-Israel relations since Mr. Harper is in PM Office The Economist says that he waste little time in changing Canada`s traditionally  even-handed stance towards Middle East. They also wrote that since US-Israel relations are stranded in time of Barack Obama presidency, also they seen Canada-Israel relations in this period more tied and more friendly than before.

“It is hard to find a country friendlier to Israel than Canada these days”, The Economist quotes ultraconservative Israel`s Foreign Affair minister Avigdor Lieberman.

For those ones who are not familiar with Harpers moves in favour of Israel is good to read a part of The Economist text where it says that one of his first moves as PM was to cut funding to Palestinian Authority after Hamas`s victory in legislation elections in 2006. In same year Harper calls “measured” Israel`s controversial pounding in neighbour Southern Lebanon, he continues to stand behind his word even after Israel forces killed several Canadians including UN peacekeeper.

Amazing statement in favour of Israel was given by then Canadian Foreign Affair Minister Peter McKay who said that “it`s not a difficult choice between siding with democracy that`s being attacked by terrorists and a group of cold-blood killers.” This statement didn`t bring nothing good in peace process on the Middle East, and just give a new boost to Israeli Army to attack Gaza and Palestinian Territories claiming terrorist attacks. Since 2006 Harpers government didn`t change a position in favour of two-state solution for Israeli-Palestinian conflict and six decades of problems not only for Middle East but for whole democratic world.

In many occasion Harper and his minister for foreign affairs pledged their support for Israeli position in international institutions including United Nations. Since pro-Israeli groups accused UN Relief and Food Agency for infiltration by Hamas Canadian government cuts her assistance to this programme for 4.7m of Palestinian refugees spread  all over Middle East especially in neighbouring countries as Syria, Jordan and Egypt. The Economist also remembers on occasional statements by junior ministers that “an attack on Israel would be considered an attack on Canada”.

Cut of $7m CAD for KAIROS, Christian charity, which is accused by Canadian government for Anti-Semitism, is judged by The Economist as trick to shift Canadian public support in favour of Israel. They also appointed on a grant for Canadian Arab Foundation of $447,000 CAD which is axed in March of last year after this organisation president called immigration minister Jason Kenney a “professional whore” for denouncing the flying of Hamas and Hizbullah flags at a protest.

The Economist concludes that many Canadians are not comfortable with clear taking of sides in this issue by Harper`s administration. Some observers believe that Mr. Harper is in favour to Israel because he need votes from large Jewish populations in Toronto and Montreal, for many of them one of the most important reasons are his own conservative beliefs and that is reason why Mr. Harper is usually portrayed as conviction politician.


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