Paintball guns in flotilla accident?!

Miriam Ziv, Israel ambassador to Canada
Miriam Ziv, Israel ambassador to Canada

Israeli ambassador to Canada Mrs. Miriam Ziv during her interview to CBC’s Power & Politics with Evan Solomon says clearly and confidently that IDF soldiers didn’t carry any lethal arms with themselves when they raided ships in international waters. Mrs. Ziv stated that IDF soldiers had only paintball guns with themselves when they arrived on the boats in flotilla which was carrying humanitarian aid to Palestinian people in Gaza. In this accident IDF soldiers killed more than dozen people, and according to Israeli representative in Canada, they do that with paintball guns.

If this is true international community must to start separate investigation in paintball industry and to verify is there any possibility for someone to be killed in or out of paintball course.  But if you ask anyone who served in army forces he will tell you that guns seen on the army footages are not paintball guns, so we can conclude that Mrs. Ziv was not sincere with Canadian public and families of captivated Canadians and killed aid workers on the ships.

Beside this Mrs. Ziv tells us that authorities can’t provide any proof of wrong doing on those boats because whole situation is under investigations of authorities. Mrs. Ziv also says that anyone will say that action was rightful and legal, and she used her own sons as examples for those ones who are supporting action. Well if your mother is ambassador and if you’re former Israeli soldier is not surprising thing that you will support action any army action.

As we can hear US State Secretary Hillary Rodham Clinton calls for impartial and independent investigation of this case and I think that’s best way to conclude this story forever. Independent investigation should be led by UN’s experts especially those ones well experienced in maritime law and army actions. It seems that Israel is not in favour of this kind of international investigation because they afraid that someone will conclude their wrong doings in this case what’s put’s many questions in front of us. I must to say this is not James Bond movie this is real situation and if something happens in international waters any side who attacks in those waters must to be called on responsibility and be punished for taken actions.

We need a truth about whole case, not a recreational paintball stories from bureaucratic offices all over the world.

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