Disgraceful attitude on Parliament Hill

John Baird
John Baird; photo: cbc.ca

Canadian Parliament in last two or three days remembers us that even in a democratic countries you can find elected representatives who’s attitude is not even close to the democratic standards and title “Rt. Hon.” or just “Hon.” in front of their names. Special representative of those one is Transport Minister and Deputy Prime Minister, John Baird, who show’s to Canadian public wrong way of speaking and representing governemtn on the Parliament Hill especially not with his female colleagues.

In my years of reporting on several Parliaments on different levels in Bosnia and Herzegovina and tracking other Parliaments in several neighbour countries I have a chance to see attitude outbursts but never something like this. Mr. Baird was yelling, throwing, attacking and intimidating MP’s and members of Committee which is investigating Jaffer – Guergis affair. Beside that same Minister every single day shows to Canadian public that he doesn’t have any respect to his fellow colleagues in HoC, especially to honourable female MP’s.

“You don’t know the rules and it’s an absolute disgrace”, Mr. Baird said to Commitee chair Mrs. Yasmin Ratansi when she doesn’t allows him to continue with his charade and indecisive actions in front of the Committee. Later in a same parliamentary body he tried to intimidate and to interrupt Mrs. Siobhán Coady, but then he gets what he deserves. Mrs. Coady calls him a bully and said that she’s ready on face to face “fight” with him.

One of Mr. Baird’s arguments in this case was ministerial accountability and responsibility. If you ask me I would rather hear PM’s Communication Director Soudas in front of mentioned Committee than Mr. Baird’s arguments. Those arguments are not enough articulated and formulated to be presented in a democratic institution as Canadian Parliament. I don’t see any institution in the modern and democratic world which is appropriate for discussions like this.

This whole story is showing to us, Canadian public, that CPC led by PM Harper is losing control over all segments of governmental work and attitude of her members. Every new day brings on the front new scandals, inappropriate activities and misconducts by leading members of current Canadian government. Everything started with Jaffer – Guergis affair and all hidden facts about this case. I’m afraid if someone, PM or HoC Speaker, doesn’t take action against those ones who are disgracing Canadian democracy this current intimidating situation will continue without end even after a summer brake on Parliament Hill.

It seems that CPC wants to show to Canadians that current opposition is “evil” who intends to “destroy” Canada and all their “results” in last few years of minority government. I can’t agree more with NDP’s MP Pat Martin who said today on CPAC that he wouldn’t be surprised if PM prorogues Parliament in summer brake and calls new federal elections. Anyways PM Harper is not surprised with situation here and he doesn’t care how his deputy represents government, his is on the new European tour where he is showing his real face in the question of coalition government and bank reforms. Canada’s face is red of shame and intimidation.

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