World leaders summit or touristic conference?

Harper's fake lake

Harper's fake lake, photo: The Toronto Star

Biggest Canadian dilemma in a last two or three days is what are really G8/G20 meetings which will be held at the end of this month. They are suppose to be world leader summits and open space for discussion on the most important issues in the world as it’s economy, maternal and child health, financial crisis and bank taxes but it seems that Canadian government sees  them as a touristic conference. According to PM Harper those events are great chance for Canada to represent herself to the journalists and world leaders who will visit Canada.

Fake lake, gazeboes and boats are just few of the costly elements or Harper’s charade to visitors in Canada because he wants them to forget on important issues and start deliberating what’s more beautiful fake lake or real lake. On of the presented arguments is that those “Harper-Potemkin villages” will help a Canadian tourist industry in the future. Canada was suppose to be world leader and leading country in both clubs and someone who will bring strong and deliberated ideas in favour of all countries and to represent new wave in political world. Today’s reports in major newspapers, agencies and on the TV stations all over the world are focused on the fake lakes and $2 million CAD costs for that toy; no one is mentioning any Canadian initiative or proposal for upcoming summits. Great representation of Canada; country of fake lakes and irresponsible politicians.

Let’s back for the moment on the costs of fake lake in Toronto. Foreign Minister Lawrence Cannon said on Tuesday’s Question Period few different amounts of money supposedly spent on this “great” representation. In one of his answers he said that costs are $57.000 CAD, few minutes later cost for same “artificial water structure”  are lowered on $55,000 CAD. That’s shows to Canadian public who confidential and accountable current government is. Even when they try to lay to their fellow Canadian they are doing that in the bad fashion. It would be easier and more respectful to country and the Citizens if they say: “Yes, those are the costs. We spend this money on this and this and that and your can punish us on the next elections if you don’t like how we did it.” They will get immediate support for their actions and they will be free to accomplish all goal settled for upcoming summits.

After all it seems that G8/G20 countries will be on a vacation summit in Canada and that all important world decisions will be made in Korea at the end of this year on the winter summit. Another missed chance for world leadership.


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