Clash of civilizations by Hirsi Ali

Ayaan Hirsi Ali
Ayaan Hirsi Ali

Ayaan Hirsi Ali self-proclaimed expert for almost everything in connection with Islam and Islamic culture get’s a new chance to impress all Muslims; but with bad and disgusting impression. Her interview with Evan Solomon on today’s Power and Politics aired on CBC is perfect example for representation of misinformation’s and badly argument stories.

Many of her thesis specially those one’s established on the works of late Professor Samuel P. Huntington are nothing more than disgrace to Islam and Muslims all over the world. As a Muslim I must to say that she’s totally and utterly wrong in almost everything what she presented on CBC. There is a small amount of her thesis which can be deliberated in a light of last events in Islamic world but her criticism on several points is completely out of deliberation points.

It is amazing how she formed borders around Muslims and Islamic world as a “radical” culture and religion. Facts about Muslims and their religion are brutally against her arguments. Radical population and population who are devoted to terroristic actions against others are the smallest populations in whole Muslim population in the world. Europe and North America are home for hundreds of millions of Muslims; they are free to practice their religion, they had their own schools approved by states as USA or Canada, they are successful in education and the road to the opportunity is wide open to them as any other member of society. Every single person who is interested in history of the world can conclude that Muslims are not alone and exclude in sporadic fights or wars between them or between Muslims vs. non-Muslims.

That’s a part of human nature and it’s caused by political, religious or economic interests since first generations on the Earth. For example England was battle ring for Catholics and Protestants, Ireland also, ETA leads her fight against Spain and France, Italy was under attacks of Red Brigades and Mafia, USA was caught in the civil war and there is many more contra examples. Conclusion on this topic can be only one: Muslims are not only radicals and they are not only terrorists in the world; they can be only accused criminal but also they can’t be only victim in the world.

Another amazing stand of this “expert” who filmed very irritating films against Islam and Muslims is that will be good and respectful for humanity if all Muslim will be converted to Catholicism. When we analyze her words we can see that she is completely diseased by Huntington virus. Maybe she wants to say to the Muslims that is good to be converted into religion were supreme leader is protecting and hiding pedophiles and child molesters, in which we can also find radical elements who are proclaiming anti-Semitism, anti-Muslim and many other religions or nations.

She also said that we need more feminists to promote self-confidence to Muslim women’s and to show them how to dress themselves and how to educate themselves. As someone who comes from Muslim family with more than 500 years of history and who comes from part of the world were Islam is part of the life for more than 700 years, I must to say that she doesn’t know to much about Islam and Muslims. In countries like Bosnia, Croatia, Slovenia, Austria, Germany, all Nordic countries, former USSR countries including Russia (excluding minority radical elements) every sincere and truthful observer will find hundreds of millions of highly educated and successful Muslim women’s in many cases dress as any other westernized woman.

Did we need feminists to explain to Muslim women’s what mean’s education and fashion when we have examples of Jasmila Zbanic, Bosnian director who win Golden Bear on the Berlinale, Aygul Ozakan first Muslim minister in any German government, baroness Warsi first Muslim minister in UK’s government, or Rt. Hon. Yasmin Ratansi MP in Canadian Parliament, Jordanian Queen Rania or Moroccan Princess Salma? No we don’t they perfectly know their rights and possibilities in life, and yes they used them for better life of their families and communities and whole Muslim population.  Beside those honourable examples we need to acknowledge that there are Muslims countries who are forbidding girls and women’s education but in a last year or so public was informed about several positive initiatives related to that. Saudi Arabia who was a leader of anti-education campaign recently opened first Women University under protection and guidance of H.R.H King Abdullah bin Abdul-Aziz who also indirectly promotes anti-niqab campaign publishing his pictures with more than forty women’s without veil.

Third but not least important thesis of Mrs. Hirsi Ali is anti-multiculturalism and request for homosexual acceptance from Islam and Muslims. Ayaan Hirsi Ali is sitting in CBC studio and representing herself to Canadian public established at this moment from more than hundred different nations and cultures. She’s addressing herself to whole world where is no any country without multiculturalism. According to last researches conducted in Canada in next twenty or so years current visible minorities will become leading parts of population.

In many US cities today you can’t walk around without seeing whole parts of towns called by many different nations and their ancestry. According to Australian journalists and recent visits to Australia from Balkans and South Europe you don’t need to known English at all and you will be able to communicate with wide range of public servants, professionals and average people on the street. If homosexual relationships and movement are not accepted in any other religion and as they are considered as sin why they will be accepted by Islam and Muslims who are also considering this activities as sin and wrong? I don’t have anything against homosexuals and their activities; because of this anyone doesn’t have a right to force me to accept that as something natural and appropriable because I don’t think that they are normal and appropriate.

Discussion about secular Islam and his future role in the society is very welcomed and much needed in today’s world and society but I don’t think that thinkers from her spectrum of ideology are good enough to discuss about modernized and multicultural world. We need discussion founded on the right arguments and scientific researches in favour of all nations, religions and cultures because today world is home for all of us not only for one religion as it was proposed by Mrs. Hirsi Ali.


  1. the writer is an ignorant idiot by trying to defend the indefensable. Honor killings are not happening? Female mutilation does not happen? Women are not prevented from following their own wishes? The man worth more than the woman? Get a life and do not spread your b.s. nonsense. Don’t even bother responding – I will just discard any more ramblings from you.

    1. Sir your comments are very interesting and above everything showing that you didn’t understand my comments presented here. If you please go in archives of my previous and post articles you’ll find that I address on several occasions issues of mutilations, honor killings etc. You should be very careful not to put all Muslims in one bucket, and I’m telling you that as a Muslim and somebody who lives with negative presumptions about my religion and my identity since I’m born. Also I’m basing my stands on experiences of last Balkan wars, and increased number of radicals in my own community in Bosnia and Herzegovina. If you want to continue discussion on this or any other matter I would be glad to exchange views with you any time.

      With regards,

      E. Milavic

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