Croatian President continues his peace mission

Bleiburg in 1945

Bleiburg in 1945, photo:Wikipedia

Croatian President Ivo Josipovic continues his peace mission on Balkans. In last two months Mr. Josipovic visited Bosnia and Herzegovina several times and visited sites of war crimes committed by Muslim, Serb or Croat forces in Bosnian dispute decade and half ago. This weekend president Josipovic will continue his mission through visits to Bleiburg and Tezno, two crime scenes from Second World War. Previously he visited Jasenovac, small town in Croatia, were Ustasha regime committed war crimes against Tito antifascist movement members, Gypsies, Muslims, Serbs and other in one of the largest concentration camps in Croatia in WWII.

In May 1945 British 5th Corps Headquarters refused to accept surrendered personal, and refugees from Croatia. According to historical data 5th Corps refused to accept all those ones who had any connection with army forces of Independent State of Croatia (NDH) quisling state formed on Croatian territory in 1941 who collaborated with Nazi regime. Estimated amount of killed refugees goes up 60.000 people including killed civilians. Bleiburg field, which is located in Austria, were those people are killed is officially recognized as remembrance place by democratic regime in Croatia in 1995; since then every year several thousands of people visits this place and attends to commemorative ceremonies. Many state officials including former PM’s Ivica Racan and Ivo Sanader visited Bleiburg field, also every year Catholic Church and Muslim community are holding commemorative ceremonies for all victims.

Since a time when state supported commemorative ceremonies and since they start coming on it this place becomes one of the largest disputes in society and public. Bleiburg encouraged youngsters and elders with passion for Ustasha movement and Nazi ideology to start representing themselves in Ustasha uniforms and under Ustasha signs. Former Croatian president Stjepan Mesic refuses to attend commemorative ceremonies until those groups are attending same. In several statements he said that Bleiburg become Ustasha festival founded by Parliament. Ustasha movement is forbidden in Croatia by state law accepted by same Parliament who takes a part in organization activities.

Current president Dr. Ivo Josipovic decide to go there and laid his respect to the victims accompanied by members of Anti-fascistic groups from Croatia this weekend hoping that there wouldn’t see members of opposite groups. He’s also considering this visit a good will to make a peace between both sides and to start strong process of reconciliation in Croatian community. Beside Bleiburg president Josipovic will visit Tezno in Slovenia. Tezno is also one of the places were Tito’s Army killed approximately 15,000 Ustasha members in that time considered as war prisoners. Numerous bodies are discovered in 2007 when Slovenian state started exhumation process on this location. In Croatian delegation beside president Josipovic and members of Anti-fascistic organization Tezno will visit representatives of Serbian and Gypsy community led by MP Dr. Milorad Pupovac.


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    • Well almost every single story which comes from the Balkan is strange on it’s special way. There is too many unusual and incredible stories specially for people who are coming from developed or highly developed political and cultural societies.

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