Hiseni: Serbia must to choose

Skender Hiseni, foreign minister of Kosovo

Skender Hiseni, foreign minister of Kosovo

Remaining Balkan dispute between Serbia and Kosovo is still hot issue on the both sides and also includes international community and justice institutions. Later this year International Court of Justice  will reveal advisory rule on Kosovo independence and legality of that process; European Union and U.S. will held a new series of meetings with both sides after that happens in effort to conclude this dispute. Serbian side wants to talk about plausible return of Kosovo under her sovereignty, and Kosovo expects to continue life as independent state and to see if there is possibility for future membership in EU or NATO.

Spanish EU Presidency released statement through Foreign Minister Miguel Angel Moratinos in favour of Serbia’s faster integration into EU.   In a same time Kosovo’s Foreign Minister, Skender Hiseni, told to Koha Ditore that he expects from Serbia to choose between EU and Kosovo.

“Serbia will be forced to choose would she continue her EU integrations or to stay as prisoner of illusions that Kosovo will be returned under her sovereignty”, said Hiseni.

Mr. Hiseni stands on usual Kosovo opinion that EU must to say to Serbia if they would become member in soon future without final decision about Kosovo.

“I agree with Bernard Kouchner [French foreign minister] who said that Serbia must to clarify her final opinion about Kosovo before they go further in process of EU integration”, says Hiseni.

He also stated that Kosovo is not worried about Serbia’s improvement and further integrations to EU, but that they are afraid of Serbia’s slower move towards EU. Mr. Hiseni thinks that if Serbia slows a whole process that would mean their willingness to stack in backside of Europe with destructive opinions and ideas about Kosovo.

Kosovo’s government expects new wave of recognitions later this year after ICJ reveals advisory rule on Kosovo case. In same time EU and U.S. are getting ready for new round of talks between Kosovo and Serbia. Serbian side will use those talks to repeat their requests for Kosovo return, and Kosovo side wants to talk about bilateral relation between two countries.

Current situation on Kosovo shows us that both sides are trying to ensure a peace and stability; Kosovo also shows their willingness to work together with Serbian side on religious rights of Serbian minority. In this effort they will prove stable and secure space for Serbian Orthodox Church later this year for inauguration mass  and ceremony for newly elected Serbian Patriarch Iriniej.


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