India and Pakistan vs. The Queen

Koh-I-Noor in crown

Koh-I-Noor in crown

India and Pakistan are planning to launch international diplomatic campaigns to retrieve from United Kingdom historical artefacts taken colonial rule. India will launch campaign backed by UN and it will renew its long-time demand that Britain return the many historical artefacts and cultural objects.

This request for once more will include legendary diamond Koh-I-Noor, which is housed in London Tower and British Museum. British High Commission in New Delhi rejects India’s claims, but is unclear how they will deal with international backed campaign.

British government in this case always puts in forward law and regulations that any of artefacts which are “legally” acquired can’t be returned to the place of origin. Also if they accept to return artefacts, especially diamonds which are a part of Queen’s collections and crowns, Her Majesty’s fortune will be extremely devaluated and her status in royal world will be considerably damaged.

Many of the British museum and other cultural institutions will also stay out of their most representative collections and it wouldn’t be surprised if some of them would be forced to close their doors on temporary or permanent basis.

In a same tame Pakistan is planning to start own diplomatic campaign, with plausible joint activities with India, with same requests date in time before partition of India on two states in 1947.

Indian national agency responsible for the historical monuments ASI reveals that their campaign will be supported by UNESCO and other former British colonies.

“As efforts so far to reclaim stolen treasures have proved futile, UNESCO support is required for launching an international campaign to achieve this end. Not only India – various other countries like Mexico, Peru, China, Bolivia, Cyprus and Guatemala have also voiced the same concern to get back their stolen and looted antiquities and to join the international campaign”, said Mr. Gautam Sengupta, ASI director,  to The National Newspapers.

India is looking to take back artefacts as Koh-I-Noor, which was taken from Lahore; Badshahnama, a historical document that belonged to the Mughal Emperor and builder of Taj Mahal Shah Jahan; a figure of mythical Huma bird that was part of the throne of Tipu Sultan; and the throne of Ranjit Singh who was the king of Punjab. According to antiquities collectors contacted by The National Newspapers the best way to retrieve mentioned artefacts will be to ensure enough money to collectors and to buy them on auctions.

Historian and columnist for New Delhi Sunday Guardian, Akheilesh Mittal, that disputes over ownership on artefacts is British tactic. He already take some action on this issue and wrote an letter to HRM Elizabeth II asking her to return those artefacts explaining that those artefacts are not important to Britain, but that they are highly important to India.

“If that had been the case, there was no reason why the British would not return Greek Elgin Marbles because of its sole ownership. Most of the objects are held like prisoners of war. They mean nothing to the British; they are important to Indians”, said Mr. Mittal.

On the other side of border in Pakistan culture minister Jilani stated that they already try to do something similar in 1979, and he thinks is a right time to try again. He is also in favour of international cooperation in this case what will presumably bring more results than individual actions.

It`s also expected that in this fight enormous roles will be played by Greece and Egypt, two countries highly interested in return of their expropriated historical artefacts. Egypt already has political and diplomatic fights with Britain for artefacts stolen by Howard Carter from Tutankhamen tomb, with France for several small and large important artefacts and with Germany for statue of Queen Hatshepsut.

After all we can conclude that this renewed request for return of expropriated historical values will be fight between Indian-Pakistani coalition against HM The Queen and her government.


In case of Egypt’s request for return of stolen goods I said that they request from Germany to return Queen Hatshepstut statue, there was suppose  to stay “Queen Nefetiti”. I am really sorry for this inconvenience, my apology to everyone.


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