Ejup Ganic
Ejup Ganic, photo: The Guradian

Former member of Bosnian presidency Prof. Ejup Ganic continues his fight against Serbian request for his extradition from UK based on accusations for war crimes in 1992 in Bosnian capital of Sarajevo. Ganic is arrested early this year on London’s Heathrow airport as one of 19 people who accused by Serbia for war crimes allegedly committed on May 2nd, 1992 in Sarajevo.

Bosnian Army stopped Yugoslavian Army convoy in effort to free captured president of presidency Alija Izetbegovic, his daughter Sabina and former Deputy Foreign Affair Minister Zlatko Lagumdzija. During this action several Yugoslavian Army soldiers get killed or badly injured.

Serbia accuses Mr. Ganic that he ordered attacks as “acting president” at that time and that he is responsible for murder and that he committed conspiracy to murder in breach of the Geneva conventions.

Beside Mr. Ganic in this case Serbia accused several other leading Bosnian politicians or Army leaders including Former Foreign Affair Minister Haris Silajdzic who is current president of Bosnian presidency and General Jovan Divjak who was present at the alleged massacre location in effort to avoid any conflicts.

International War Crime Tribunal for Former Yugoslavia based in Holland’s Den Hague already cleared Mr. Ganic of any responsibility for alleged crimes in Dobrovoljacka ulica case, but Serbia continues battle for his extradition.

Ganic opposes this ides because he claims that he wouldn’t receive a fair and correct trial and treatment in Serbia, he also accused Serbian authorities for rewriting a Balkan history with support of UK authorities. Final hearings will continue in following days, and London Court decision is expected to be released by the end of this month.