Ground Zero Mosque major election issue

Rick Lazio
Rick Lazio, photo: NPR

GOP gubernatorial candidate Rick Lazio on Tuesday called his opponent Democratic candidate and current AG, Andrew Cuomo, to investigate multi-million mosque project planned to be build just a bloc away from Ground Zero in New York. According to NPR Lazio told to media on conference in NY that he wants to know more about project’s funding and raised questions about NY imam Faisel Abdul Rauf who recently refused to call Hamas a terroristic organization.

Early published informations about this project, which is supported by NY mayor Bloomberg and many others, will be financed and build American Society for Muslim Advancement and Cordoba Initiative. Mayor Bloomberg and supporters of this project who would be build just a bloc away from Ground Zero are confident that this project wouldn’t be a major security problem. Lazio based his request to Cuomo on regulation which puts AG in control over all NGO projects in the City.

“We’re asking the attorney general to exert his authority to investigate the sources of these donations … to determine whether it is compliant, and whether the Cordoba Initiative … is in fact a legitimate charity. And in fact, whether the sources of income are legitimate or if they pose a security risk to the people of New York and the people of America”, said Lazio on the press conference.

AG’s office released a statement which call everyone who has a proof of wrongdoing to send those evidences to them and they will release a official investigation. Lazio didn’t precise if he is in favour or against proposed project, but he clarify that this question is not religious question.

“This is not a matter of religion, let’s make that really clear. This is a question of motivation, of transparency, of an imam who has clearly made some comments that are inflammatory”, said Lazio.

Other side in this project, especially imam Rauf, didn’t answered on media calls for response on Lazio’s accusations but it’s expected that they would do that in next few days.

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