Billion for Olympic Games

Olympic medals

Olympic medals

BC’s premier Gordon Campbell promised to taxpayers that they don’t will spend more than $ 600 millions  for 2010 Olympic Games,  at the end costs are $165 million higher; BC taxpayers paid $925 million. According to BC Finance Minister Column Hansen government spend $765 million for staging the games and extra $160 million for other costs “designated to maximizes benefits”.

Additional $165 million is spend during last year for extra security costs. Final costs presented by Hansen are still lower than it was predicated by Be Auditor General in 2008. Be AG predicted total costs to be at least $2.5 billion dollars. First reactions from opposition and critics are saying that real hosts are much bigger. They said that total costs are aroused $6 billion dollars including upgrades of Vancouver Convention Centre, Sea-to-Sky Hwy and construction of the Canada Lime. CTV reports that some of the costs are:

$310 million on venues and live sites
$55 million to keep venues operating after the games
$100 million in security and medical costs
$20 million on the Paralympics
$36 million on First Nations and municipal legacies
$79 million in contingency spending
$165 million an an infrastructure deal with Ottawa

NDP finance critic Bruce Ralston says that ad campaign “You gotta be here” shoulde be included in costs. Taxpayers paid $37 million for this ad campaign during 2009 and 2010.


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