Serbia offers seat in UN to Kosovo

UN General Assembly
UN General Assembly

In last few days Serbian media are reporting that official Belgrade considers several options in effort to conclude Kosovo dispute. Speculations about Serbian intentions are rising in a days before International Court of Justice in Den Hague revels advisory opinion on Kosovo independence proclaimed in February of 2008. At this point they are considering possible split of Kosovo territory and exchange of several smaller territorial units in Kosovo; exchanged territories will include villages with Albanian or Serbian majority.

Belgrade’s newspaper Blic writes today that if Kosovo leaders accept this offer during upcoming negotiations, which would be held under sponsorship of U.S. & EU representatives, Serbian side would support Kosovo’s bid for seat in U.N. They are convinced that official Pristina will accept this concept because that’s one & possibly only way for Kosovo to become fully recognized state. According to Blic reports plan would consider following elements: North Kosovo territory with Serbian population majority would be returned under Belgrade’s control, all monasteries and other religious objects or properties of Serbian Orthodox Church would be considered as ex-territorial. Kosovo would get under his control Presevo Valley.

Both sides are lobbying for their own plan in international institutions, but U.S. and EU are too careful because they want to known opinion of ICJ on Kosovo self-proclaimed independence. After that later this year they will be able to present their views on final solution for this issue. ICJ is expected present advisory opinion on legality of Kosovo independence on July 22, but legal expert are sure that would happened in mid or late September. That will set a possible date for negotiations in December this year or January next year.

European Parliament voted yesterday on new declaring on Kosovo, 455 MP’s supported declaration which calls remaining state members to recognize Kosovo as independent state. Chairman of Foreign Affair Committee in Serbian Parliament, Drayoljub Micunovic, yesterday said that this declaration it’s presents new pressure on Belgrade from supporters of Kosovo independence.

On the other side Kosovo PM, Hashim Tachi, stand is that Kosovo sovereignty and territorial integrity is unquestionable, he also said that state status is “closed question”. “Political status of Kosovo is closed question. With Belgrade we can talk only about technical questions as we do that with other countries in region”, said Mr. Tachi.

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