Population stability is important to India
Population stability is important to India

One of the most populated countries in the world is faces with uncontrolled rise of population in last two decades. Indian authorities are concerned about countries future and abilities to accommodate all state population; according to health ministry if population growth keeps current trends in 2030 India would have bigger population than it has China.

Enlarged population in country like India would produce major problems with affordable and quality living space, food shortages and clean water.

Union Health minister Ghulam Nabi Azad calls on Sunday on strict implementation of laws on age of marriage and delayed first child as one of the efforts in population stabilisation.

Mr. Azad stated that population stability is really important quest for state government because India has only 2,5 per cent of world land but shares 17 per cent of world population. Government plans to introduce several ideas how to stabilize population.

“Strict implementation of laws about age of marriage and delayed first child with proper spacing may help in dealing with population problem. Girls shouldn’t get married before they turn 18-years of age, they shouldn’t get a birth to their first child before 20 and time frame between first and second child shouldn’t be shorter than 3 or 4 years”, said Mr. Azad.

As per last census conducted in 2001, India’s population was just over 1 billion.