Jihadist Anjem Choudary’s incredible ideology

Anjem Choudary
Anjem Choudary

In those days when whole world is remembering terroristic attacks on London five years ago and when it’s getting ready to remember victims on 9/11 attacks nine years ago eminent foreign affair expert and CNN host Fareed Zakaria interviewed British born Anjem Choudary who openly calls Muslims on Jihad. Beside calls on Jihad, Mr. Choudary openly supports Osama bin Laden, he propagates return of Sharia law in Muslim countries and establishment of Sharia law in Western world. Many of Choudary’s stands are controversial and disputable even if you are Muslim. According to his biographical data available on the internet he is born and raised in UK, he studied economy before took a transfer to law school; in past he was one of the biggest supporters of imam Abu Hamza Al-Masri who is current imprisoned in UK’s jail and faced with extradition to U.S. authorities.

His point on Sharia law is that there is no any of the current, as he said, “So-called” Muslim countries who are implementing Sharia law and he accuses them for implementation of non-Muslim or kufr law.

“No, we have – we have today about 55 so-called Muslim countries. None of them are implementing the Sharia. Some of the worst and the most barbaric, in fact, are, for example, the Iranian regime and the Saudi regime. Many people would believe that they are Islamic countries but in fact they’re implementing non-Islamic, kufr law, and in fact, you know, this is much more dangerous because when you give a semblance on Sharia and you after that oppress the people and you implement injustice, you know, it gives the impression that there’s something wrong with the Sharia, and that’s not the case”, said Mr. Choudary.

Recent polls conducted all over the Muslim world are showing that support for radical Islamist ideas including those ones presented by Mr. Choudary and preachers like him close to Osama bin Laden ideas is falling down. On country Mr. Choudary is confident that situation on the terrain is completely different and in favor of his ideas.

“I don’t think so. You’ve been living in America for too long. Let me tell you something. If there was an election between any leader of Muslim – of the Muslim countries in the world today and Sheik Osama bin Laden, he would win hands down”, said Mr. Choudary.

He continues more over with his interesting, I don’t know on what established, thesis in correlation with democracy and elected representatives. Fair point comes by Mr. Zakaria that in many Muslim countries in the world elections are regular parts of life and that radical Islamists are fairly defeated on many of them.

Anjem Choudary and Fareed Zakaria
Anjem Choudary and Fareed Zakaria

“Wait a second, I’m not propagating the idea of elections and democracy and freedom because these things are anathema to Osama. My point is that these fellows are more popular among the Muslim. If you – if you go to any ordinary practicing Muslim in any part of the Muslim world, they will say we believe the Sharia needs to be implemented. Because they don’t stand for those elections, number one, and they don’t believe voting is allowed. If you were a Muslim practicing, you don’t believe in democracy because democracy separates God from life’s affairs and politics”, stated Mr. Choudary.

Well I can agree with his stand if you are part of the smallest population in worldwide Islamic Community and yes if you support Osama bin Laden; but in practice that’s not true. Even if we look in his homeland of UK we would find a enormous Muslim population who is voting, being elected and supports democracy and looks ahead to improve their rights. Same situation is in many other European countries, in North America or in Asia were Muslims are representing visible minorities or were they are in slight majority.

In whole bunch of sporadic issues discussed on this show one particular statement of Mr. Choudary caches my attention. On a Zakaria’s question regarding killing innocent human beings in terroristic attacks and pointing on Qur’an sentence which states that if kill one it is like killing whole world; Choudary gives totally unexpected and wrong answer.

“Muslim life”, responds Mr. Choudary.

God Almighty didn’t specify in his Holy Book, Qur’an, if that person is Muslim or not. Qur’an and Islam are not permitting and they don’t support killing of innocent persons based on their religion, skin color or national identity. In Islamic history, if you look sincerely, you would find innumerous examples that Muslims lived together with members of all other major religious communities and that they even helped to each other in crisis situations. Every life is a life, every human is a human.

And my final observation on this interview would be Mr. Choudary’s claim that in many cases CIA plotted attacks all over the world against innocent people in effort to discredit radical Islamists. I didn’t see any of those actions, so I can’t say that they didn’t happened but I’m pretty sure that we can’t mistaken video footages of soon-to-be suicide bombers with CIA or intelligence agents who are going to plot action against radicals. Also we can mistaken terroristic attacks on many locations in Muslim countries were suicide bombers killed hundreds or thousands of innocent men’s, women’s and children in favor of Mr. Choudary’s ideology.

It’s good and educational to heard from time to time voices of ideologists like Mr. Choudary so we don’t forget on their ideas and pledges whom are plausible threat to all of us without concerns on our name, skin color or homeland. Better solution for future cooperation and normal coexistence between nations is to support voices of peace, respect and true spirituality in all religions and to open media space to them so they can embrace all positive and respectful ideas.

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