Bosnia, war, rape, love and Angelina Jolie

Angelina Jolie with Bosnian woman

Angelina Jolie with Bosnian woman

In week when Bosnia and Herzegovina and whole world is remembering largest and most sever genocide in the Europe after the Second World War one of the most influential persons in the world actress Angelina Jolie decide to direct her first movie about Bosnian war.

Main theme of her first directorial action, according to media reports, would be Bosnian war, rape and love. This comes as a result of her last year visit to Bosnian villages and her willingness to help victims of the war. Angelina Jolie visited Bosnia and Herzegovina accompanied by her husband Brad Pitt as Good Will Ambassador of UNHCR.

“After I visited this people and heard their stories I can’t say how important is to be focused on those ones who are in need. I have intention to came back in this beautiful country”, said Angelina Jolie during the visit.

Those one who had a chance to see first movie details are pretty convinced that movie would be “heavy” for watching.

According to media reports main role, will be presented by Angelina Jolie, would represent woman from Bosnia who has been raped by Serbian soldier at the start of the war. Later they become lovers and stay together and fight together with all war challenges.

Film would be filmed on several locations in Serbia later this year and it is expected that Mrs. Jolie would hire several well known Hollywood actors to be part of this project. This also would be great opportunity for local actors and film companies to get involved in big Hollywood projects and open worldwide movie markets for the future projects.

But as it is an expected anything, even good thing like this, on Balkan are not safe of controversial and nationalistic rhetoric. Mrs. Jolie started negotiations with Pink Films International Company but PFI CEO Mr. Zeljko Mitrovic refused to cooperate with Mrs. Jolie on this film.

Why Mr. Mitrovic refused to cooperate with Mr. Jolie? Well her description of Serbians in this movie is a reason why he doesn’t want to cooperate with her.

In media statement Mr. Mitrovic said:

“Previously I had great sympathies and respect for her name and actions but she’s full of prejudice towards Serbs. Cooperation with her would open a door of great movie business for us, but I don’t want to be a part of something what represents Serbs as bad boys.”


41 thoughts on “Bosnia, war, rape, love and Angelina Jolie

  1. But owner of Pink tv canceled this project as a main producer after he read screenplay and after he “realized”, as he said, that Angelina is full of prejudices abut Serbs and Serbia.

    PinkBH is second most watched program i Bosnia – yeah, he (owner) really deserved loyalty of Bosnian viewers. Depressive!

  2. Goran says:

    Muslims in Bosna (Serbs that took islam 300 years ago) are so annoying with trying to present themselves as victims.

    ajd ne prdite vise, nije sve u parama

    • Mingtian says:

      Serbs are so annoying with their self-victim hood about the Ottoman empire and the holocaust and Yugo war. They didn’t present themselves as victims, they just were.

  3. iko says:

    Goran’s Serbian attitude is symptomatic of the problem at the heart of BiH; an ability to over-simplify and profess ignorance as knowledge and a willingness to negate the identity of others.

  4. cdw says:

    bosnian muslims started the civil war in bosnia by killing a serbian wedding guest Mr. Gardovic in the beginning of 1992: in the middle of the ceremony on the main city square a muslim approached the wedding guests who thought he came to join celebration. Instead he pulled his gun and killed Mr. Gardovic in front of his whole family. He then continued shooting other guests, all Serbs. This was the beginning of the war and officially was pronounced as war by muslim president Mr. Izetbegovic who issued mobilization order in April of 1992. As soon as the war started bosnian muslims raped and cut throat of a beautiful serbian girl, an 18 model,  in the summer of 1992. in Sarajevo in “Brick” district. Her last name was Zec. When her mother came into the apartment and saw her massacred body in the bathtub she committed suicide. Subsequently, 10,000 Serbs “disappeared” in Sarajevo during the civil war 1992.-1995. Many of their remains were dig from a cave in Sarajevo suburb called “Kazani”. Autopsy showed that whole Serb families were killed by cutting their throats (e.g. Lavrov family, mother, father and 16 year old son. Muslims, after raping mother, put a piece of wood into her vagina and then cut her throat with 40cm knife – autopsy report from official court documents in Sarajevo and testimony of the accused and his accomplices). Members of Sarajevo muslim Mountain brigade were tried in Sarajevo and got 2 years in jail total for these genocidal acts. This is tips of an iceberg, now we can see why Mr. Mitrovic refused Ms. Jolly

    • I appreciate everyone’s comments on this article, but I think that this whole discussion goes too far away of this story. My only intention was to inform readership about this whole dispute not to discuss historical events on Balkan. I don’t want to answer on Goran’s comments because his comment it’s incorrect from historical point and it’s not based on facts. Nenad’s comment is something what I’m reading and listening almost every single day, war stories, crimes, and actions of soldiers on all three sides. All three sides in Bosnian war committed crimes, there is no doubt in that, failure of court system is one of the important problems. I am personally against any fabrications of accusations, but if there are hardcore evidences against someone that person should be brought in front of justice and it should be responsible for taken actions even if that person is member of my family. All of that is enormous weight on the Bosnian and Herzegovinian future, and if we don’t acknowledge that I’m afraid that Balkan region would stay in current condition for uncounted time in the future.

      On Mr. Mitrovic decision to avoid his cooperation with Mrs. Jolie I just can repeat what I already said the future will show us if he was wrong about this. He’s a business man and he makes a best decisions for his company in the interest of his viewers.

      • SAO KRAJINA says:

        Nope he wont, as he said it would benefit his company and open doors to new opportunities but he wont spit in the face of serbian ppl. I am proud of his decision and rejection by serbian ppl to be a part of american propaganda independent of whether the movie gets completed or not!

    • Mingtian says:

      Haha! They started the war by a killing at a wedding? That wouldn’t start a war, and it didn’t start this war. It is well known that the Serbs started the war by resisting Bosnias independence.

      “Subsequently, 10,000 Serbs “disappeared” in Sarajevo during the civil war 1992.-1995”
      – Wrong, at most only 3,000 Serbs died there. And it was only in ’92. As for those atrocities, Serbs committed those too, to the Muslims but on a larger scale. Common knowledge, sorry.

  5. zigot says:

    “But as it is an expected anything, even good thing like this, on Balkan are not safe of controversial and nationalistic rhetoric.”

    I’m not really sure what exactly you are blabbering about here. Surely you are not deeming “nationalistic rhetoric” inappropriate when talking about (yet another) a nationalism charged WAR MOVIE?

    Speaking of which, I want to see a war movie where Bosnians and Croatians are raping each other (repeatedly) and then falling in and out of love (just to spice it up). Doesn’t that make so much more sense?

  6. Muslimsarefullofshit says:

    Bosnian muslims are full of shit. They just won’t stop lying and fabricating stories! In the States they are always associated with some terrorist groups.

    • Mingtian says:

      But Serbs always tell the truth right? Give me a break, Serbs fabricate stories all the time (ex. holocaust deaths). In the USA there has never been a Bosnian associated with a terrorist group.

  7. Zlocini nad Srbima i Hrvatima u proslom ratu su vrseni pojedinacni i u desetinama i, uglavnom, ne po komandnoj liniji ABiH. Zlocini nad Bosnjacima su vrseni u desetinama, u stotinama i u hiljadama u jednom danu, a sve po komandnoj liniji Vojske Republike Srpske i Vojske J…ugoslavije. Zato oni predstavljaju GENOCID! A svaki zlocin je zlocin i treba ga osuditi.

    • bosanka says:

      da zato se samo srbi osudjuju za zlocin a vi muslimani se ponasate kao da nikoga niste ubili, silovali i odsjecali glave i pravite se ludi i naivni kada je rijec oko 10.000 srba koji su nestali iz sarajeva. dosta je vaseg glumljenja nevinasceta i jedine zrtve u ovome ratu

      • Mingtian says:

        10,000? False number, at most only 3,000 Serbs were expelled from Sarajevo. Reason? It was war, deal with it. Most Muslims admit to killing people too, but not to the extent of Serbs.

      • Mingtian says:

        “dosta je vaseg glumljenja nevinasceta i jedine zrtve u ovome ratu”
        – Enough of your self-victim hood. They’re not acting, nor do they say they were the only innocent ones or the only ones, but simply that Serbs did the most killing.

  8. iko says:

    ‘Lies’ ‘fabrication’ ‘terrorist’ = Muslim. Such is the voice of a rational commentator or rather irrational propagandist. What one knows ‘about the states’ from this point of view is the yahoo kentucky fried frazzled paranoia of the lost, unlike ‘the states’ of Thomas Jefferson and his religious freedoms and acceptance of difference. And one wonders who is responsible for the human rights abuses in Bosnia.

  9. Nenad says:

    Why doesn’t Mrs. Jolie make a movie about the Croatian Ustase and how they slaughtered nearly a million Serbs? How they butchered, hacked, tortured little babies, children, men and women. How Croatian popes and camp guards had contests of who could cut more throats. Who could shoot, maul and rape more innocent people in the most barbaric manner, which even awed the Nazis. Many of these innocent people found themselves without skin, a head, limbs or body parts. Or should we talk about the Bosnian Handzar Division who caused havoc in the Bosnian Serb countryside where countless villages were erased off the map. Was 500 years of rape, torture and religious conversion not enough that these people need to seek the disappearance of the Serbian people?

    Now you want to pin all the genocide on the Serbs and you want to forget and erase history. But let me remind you as long as the Serb people are where they are and until there is at least one of us we will never submit to Islam nor Catholicism. Nor will we be slaughtered like pigs as we were in the past.

    That my friend is why Mr. Mitrovic will not sell out his people for money nor will he expose what Serbs are not. For in doing so, would only bring the murder of himself and his family.

    • Mingtian says:

      “Or should we talk about the Bosnian Handzar Division who caused havoc in the Bosnian Serb countryside where countless villages were erased off the map. Was 500 years of rape, torture and religious conversion not enough that these people need to seek the disappearance of the Serbian people?”
      – Bullsh*t. Most Bosnians didn’t side with the Handzar. The ones who did didn’t do any worse to the Serbs than the Serbs did to them. It was war, simple as that. Those Serbs chose to fight against Nazis, and they payed the price, also because they were commies. As for the 500 yrs, that was caused by Turks TOWARDS the Bosnians (Serbs who converted) more than actual Christian Serbs.

      “Nor will we be slaughtered like pigs as we were in the past.”
      – You weren’t the only ones you little wussy. You weren’t even slaughtered that much. Typical, trying to false-victimize himself.

  10. Hi,
    thanks for sharing the story about Ms Jolie. Most of the comments are distorted. For another perspective, there are plenty of neutral books written by award winning journalists including: Slaughterhouse: Bosnia and the Failure of the West by David Rieff
    The Tenth Circle of Hell: A Memoir of Life in the Death Camps of Bosnia by Rezak Hukanovic, Rape Warfare: The Hidden Genocide in Bosnia-Herzegovina and Croatia by Beverly Allen For novels there is “From Bosnia with Love” and “S”

  11. Dejan says:

    The main point is that most western films portray Serbs as bad and evil, never as victims. and many Serbs have had enough including Mr Mitrovic. I certainly won’t be watching that movie when it comes out, and it probably will. I remember one movie, “Saviour”, that showed Serbs as victims. In particular a Serb girl was raped by muslims and bares a child. The child was saved by an American mercenary, she was clubbed to death by muslims in the end. That movie was not shown in cinemas because it was pro-Serb, and it was a very good movie.

    So, why would would any Serb help make any anti-Serb films? In-as-much no muslim would help make an anti-muslim film. This is not nationalistic rhetoric, it is a matter of honour and pride.

    • zumra says:

      hahahhaha you crazy people they potray SERBS as EVIL because you guys are evil.
      How many man, children and women you killed and yet you have the decency to say how dare they.
      How dare they what!!! Do you fucking now what happened in Srebrenica and how many people were killed in one fucking day.
      I have so much hatred towards you people!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

      • Mingtian says:

        Typical East-Euro trash talk. “Don’t blame us, we did nothing wrong.”. Not all of you did, but yur politicians and soldiers did the most wrong. Of course Bosnians and Croats committed crimes too, but not to the extent or seriousness of yours.

    • Mingtian says:

      “The main point is that most western films portray Serbs as bad and evil, never as victims.”
      – Are you stupid? Everyone was a victim of the war, and generally everyone knows that. But you seem to imply that Serbs were the biggest victims, which shows how ignorant you really are. No pro-Muslim movie will come out either, stop thinking that the media is so anti-serb, the media doesn’t care about you people, or any former Yugo people. They don’t even care enough to hate you. Interesting movie, even though hundreds of Muslim women were raped by Serbs too.

  12. Mr El says:

    WW1 was started by Serbs. This war was started by Serbs. 200 000 Bosnian civilians was killed barbarically by organized Serbian military groups, and now I am talking about official Serbian soldiers. That was a systematic attempt to ethnic cleansing Bosnian Muslims and Bosnian Catholics. Karadzic, Mladic, Milosevic and many other blood thirsty Serbian leaders are not only to blame for this inhuman act. 1/2 of Serbian population acted happily in this act.

    Bosniaks accepted Islam because they saw a salvation in this religion. They used to practice religion of Bosnian church which was something totally different from Orthodox- and Catholic church. In other words: Bosniaks were never neither Serbs nor Croats as they both like to claim. Bosnian people have always been tolerant and peaceful. Anybody that wishes to live peacefully in Bosnia is welcome. Those that want to disturb peace and harmony, can easily leave the country and hopefully never come back.

    However, solution to the movie problem is simple: Find a new producer.

    Mr El

    • Oskari says:

      Mr El, you are very incorrect, either intentionally or unintentionally. Let me put the facts straight:

      * Total deaths in the Bosnian War were 100,000 persons, of which about 45% soldiers and 55% civilians. Of the total number of dead, about 30% were Bosnian Serbs and 70% Bosnian Muslims and Croats.

      * Serbs did not “start” WW1. It is generally agreed that the need for Austria Hungary to reestablish its Great Power credentials by attacking Serbia, which then set off a chain reaction through the system of alliances, was the cause of the war.

  13. Nenad says:

    Hello, Mr El

    You do not really believe Serbs started WWI? From the perspective of a Historian WWI was triggered when Princip shot Archduke Franz Ferdinand ONLY to free the Bosnia from Austro-Hungarian rule. The ultimatum given to Serbia was by all means the absolute submission of Serbian people and her land to the Austro-Hungarian Empire and to take ALL blame for the actions committed by Princip. Serbia refused such an ultimatum because we refused to take blame of actions taken by freedom fighters and to be salves to the Austro-Hungarian Empire. Then WWI started, but one way or another the war would have started as everything in history is planned. Similarly as WWII Hitler was a puppet of world bankers who controlled both the German Nazis and the Soviet Communists. You have to look at the world and history through a different perspective rather than looking at it through one view because you hate a certain peoples. It is easy to say Serbia started WWI but did it? Did the Serbian army attack the Austro-Hungarian Empire? No they didn’t. End of discussion.

    You speak of imaginary numbers such as 200,0000 and the crimes that Serbs committed against Muslims in Bosnia. But look what you guys did in WWII with the Nazis and what you guys have been doing in Serbia and her territory of Bosnia for 300 years under Ottoman rule.

    We returned a small favor, nowhere as large as the ones you and your people committed against the Serbs.

    • OK. I never ever said or wrote on this blog count of 200,000 victims killed in last war in Bosnia, that’s a fact. Moreover I would never ever put that number in my articles from simple reason that we had today on the table several counts from 90,000 victims mentioned by Mr. Mirsad Tokaca to over 250,000 victims mentioned by Dr. Smail Cekic. Those numbers are unsure and unconfirmed so they are not facts. I must to confess that I had my own knowledge about crimes committed by Serbs, Muslims and Croats in Herzegovina region from April 1992 to the end of 1995, and if you want I can enlisted several of them to you without problems with names and locations of that crimes.

      WWII very interesting point for debate. Yes, some Muslims supported Ustasha regime and Nazi Regime, they become parts of SS forces, largely mentioned in historical documents and literature is “Handzar Division” or 13 SS Division. Which probably committed crimes in army action on Bosnian and Serbian territory. This division also include several dozen of Imam’s from Bosnia with blessings of that time Reis-ul-ulema Fehim Spaho and Zagreb Mufti Ismet Muftic. Very good and historically supported literature on this division is book by Zagreb journalist, Mr. Zija Sulejmanpasic, available in Croatia and published several years ago. Also if you wan to see how Muslims, historians, are writing about Muslim role in WWII in Ustasha regime try to find a book from Prof. Zlatko Hasanbegovic, published by Islamic Community in Zagreb. This book clearly presents actions of Mr. Spaho and Mr. Muftic in that times. Their role’s are shameful not only for large number of Muslims but also for the Islamic Community as a institution.

      Ustasha regime committed crimes on several hundred thousands of innocent victims from all national groups on Balkans. In particular case my family, close and wide, lost several members in concentration camp of Jasenovac including two brother’s of my grandfather. Why they lost their lives in Jasenovac among several hundred thousands of others? Just because they didn’t support that regime, who occupied our hometown of Mostar. Fiancé of my grandmother sister was hang on the door of Sarajevo Brewery because he was Muslim, and how hang him probably some Muslim who was supporting Ustasha regime. Third member of my family, father of my other grandfather, was killed in 1940’s by Chetnik forces when several hundred Muslims from small city of Nevesinje get betrayed by Muslim who was supporting Chetnik’s. Moreover no one would say that Tito and his forces didn’t committed war crimes as I mentioned that in article about Bleiburg field, and visit of Croatian President Josipovic to memorial place.

      As I know and as history knows Ottoman Empire was in Bosnia and Herzegovina, Serbia, Rashka, Montenegro, Kosovo, Albania and other Balkan countries from 1450’s to 1880’s which gives us little bit more than 400 years. Also good thing not only for you but for all others who wants to know about Ottoman rule would be good to read a study by Prof. Caroline Finkel “Osman’s Dream”.

      Once more I’m repeating my previous stand. All sides in war a guilty for their crimes, some of the committed larger, some smaller crimes. Every single person needs to be prosecuted for his or their crimes. No one could say we are “saints”, and others are “devils”, accept your part of guilt and faces yourself with justice. If justice said that you are innocent than anyone in the world shouldn’t tell you that you are criminal.

      • Slaven says:

        DO THE MATH 30-50 000 Muslim women raped in 3 years so how many would need to be raped daily lol clearly we can see thats imposible maybe thats the reason the serbs lost the war in the end all their soldiers were busy raping HAHAHAHHAHAHAH. between 5-10 000 if that got raped from 91-95 from all sides IF THAT thats a big number.
        The Serbs gave 4 million lives in both world wars to create Yugoslavia. they are blamed for splitting Yugoslavia up LOL. In Yugoslavia 90% of the best actors were serb musicians, song writers, poets, writers, soldiers, artists,scientists,sportsmen…….. the bosnian Muslims by nationality and croats were jealous and thats why they named Yugoslavia Srboslavia lol thats why they hate us because we were always better then them, even IVO ANDRIC and MESA SELIMOVIC considered them selfs Serbs serb Muslim and Serb catholic and lets not forget Nikola Tesla who the croats try to claim ahahhahaaahahahha.
        This jealousy turns to hate easily when money is involved, the Turks,Austro-germans, americans and all the powers just fueled the Muslim and Croat hate towards the serbs to provoke wars and with their Jew media they just fabricated Lies to show the serbs as Monsters, Hitlers Childeren AHHAHAHA. the Serb biggest mistake is making Yugoslavia.
        Serbs were forced to convert to Islam thats proven threw songs, books, common sence ect… for a Bosnian Muslim to say that serbs accepted Islam with open hands is an Insult too their ancestors.Why not just say i am Serb Muslim?

    • Mingtian says:

      “You speak of imaginary numbers such as 200,0000 and the crimes that Serbs committed against Muslims in Bosnia. But look what you guys did in WWII with the Nazis and what you guys have been doing in Serbia and her territory of Bosnia for 300 years under Ottoman rule.”
      – Nobody says that many people were killed. What did they do? Serbs love to bullsh*t about the Holocaust because they want to victimize themselves(more than bosnians! haha!), but really nothing that horrible happened to the Serbs during the Holocaust(no more than everyone else at least). Most YUGOSLAVIANS (Bos, srb, crt) fought against Nazis, the ones who joined wanted to keep their own land safe from a**holes like you and from ugly communists like you. Which is why Hitler killed people around there, because they were commies, HAHAHAHA! The Bos an Croat(Serb too) Nazis barely made a dent in the history of the Holocaust. And what were they doing in Serbia & Bosnia under Ottoman rule for 300 yrs? Oh yeah, NOTHING, except some converting to Islam. But it wasn’t the Bosnians doing bad things it was the Turks moron.

      “We returned a small favor, nowhere as large as the ones you and your people committed against the Serbs.”
      – Favor for what? False, over-exaggerated victim-hood that you bullsh*t about constantly and that didn’t actually happen? Our war had nothing to do with Ottoman times or WW2 because we didn’t do anything to you during that time that you didn’t do to us. You think you returned a favor? Haha, America returned an even bigger one when they bombed you.

  14. Nenad says:

    One more thing, did we ever in Bosnia see the ruling dynasty be named such as “The dynasy of Muslimanovic” LOL. No we haven’t. What did we see? The house of Kotromanic wich was a Serbian ruling house in Bosnia, which at the time it wasn’t even named Bosnia. The name Bosnia is an imaginary name given to the territory of present day “Bosnia and Herzegovina” Funny that in Bosnia before the Ottomans came there was no Muslims, yet Bosnian Muslims speak of their ancient history…yet Christianity is much older than Islam. Contradictions. As for the Catholic Croats claiming Bosnia is theirs they can only dream of their WWII Nazi ambitions. Those people have no history and never will.

  15. 正教会の智 says:

    More people led to conflict through Jew-scheming.

    In the 1910s, the 1930s, the 1940s, the 1990s and still today — and all points in between.

  16. My name is Kassandra and I currently work for SilverBullet Films. As of friday, we will start shooting our latest documentary, “Village of the Forgotten Widows”. 
    It will hopefully raise awareness for the widows of the 1995 genocide in Srebrenica. 

    Please help us give these women a voice!

    SilverBullet Films:
    Documentary Website:

    or you can donate on “” by searching “Village of the Forgotten Widows”

    Thank you!

  17. Nenad says:

    Dear Kassandra,

    I believe in a way that awareness should be raised to genocide in any part of the World not just Srebrenica. The problem is Srebrenica is overrated and is influenced by Western journalists who want to portray Serbs as monsters. So, I ask you this, why is there no awareness being raised on Jasenovac, where 700,000 Serbs and 60,000 Jews perished? Jasenovac, during the war period was the third largest concentration camp in Europe. The only bigger concentration camps were Auschwitz and Birkenau, so you get a sense of the magnitude of the crimes committed in Jasenovac.

    What the Bosnian Muslims did to Serbs in WWII and during Ottoman Rule (Faith conversions) is crucial in understanding why Srebrenica took place.

    You really have to understand the geography, demographics and history of this region to fully encompass your story. But, that is Western influence and while the West stands with it the beacon of the Whore of Babylon you will never know.

    Doesn’t it seem akward to you that the Serbian population in Croatia pre WWI was 50% now it it less than 5%? Doesn’t it seem akward to you that Kosovo was once 100% Serb (Keep in mind Albanians came to Balkans in 15th century) and now it is less than 10%? What of the ethnic cleansing of Serbs, nobody speaks of that. That is why Kosovo has now the biggest American base outside the US. Enjoy, more war and terror because all the West did was use you and your hatred of Serbs to fuel it’s own ambitions.


    • Mingtian says:

      “The problem is Srebrenica is overrated and is influenced by Western journalists who want to portray Serbs as monsters. So, I ask you this, why is there no awareness being raised on Jasenovac, where 700,000 Serbs and 60,000 Jews perished?”
      – You’re an idiot. Srebrenica was fake but yet you Serbs were “slaughtered” in the WW2? Haha. Everyone from that area was slaughtered during that time, Bosnians, Serbs, Croats etc. You were the most communist people so no wonder you got killed, Hitler hated commies. Even so, I can almost guarantee you that your numbers of WW2 are blown out of proportion. Serbs also joined the Gestapo and had their own SS division too.

      “What the Bosnian Muslims did to Serbs in WWII and during Ottoman Rule (Faith conversions) is crucial in understanding why Srebrenica took place.”
      – You’re obviously clinically insane. If you seriously think that Srebrenica happened because of something that went on 400 years to 60 years? No. Srebrenica happened because of certain evil people. Bosnian Muslims didn’t really do that much more to the Serbs during WW2 than the Serbs did to them during that time as well. Most Serbs, Bosnian, and Croats fought against Nazis, the ones who killed the Serbs did so because it’s war, simple as that. Croats were the ones who did the most to Serbs anyway, not Bosnians. Don’t be angry because nobody like you ugly communists, that’s why they killed you morons then. Either way, most Serbs of today weren’t even affected by that, let alone Ottoman rule.

      Speaking of Ottoman rule. Bosnians didn’t do anything to Serbs then. It was TURKS that were forcing the conversions and doing all the bad things. But don’t be angry that Turks owned you and your people for hundreds of years and that some of your people ended up converting, idiot.

      “Doesn’t it seem akward to you that the Serbian population in Croatia pre WWI was 50% now it it less than 5%?”
      – Shoulda stayed on your land then. Serbia is less than 2% Bosniak and Croat, so don’t be a hypocrite.

      • Dear sir,

        For your information Jasenovac claimed many Muslim victims including at least 50 members of my own family. My grandfather lost two brothers in their early 20’s in Jasenovac just because they supported anti-fascism and declare themselves as supporters of Partisan’s in 1941, in a light of that fact please don’t give me lectures on Jasenovac. And I don’t remember that I was mentioning Jasenovac or it’s victims in my article, nor I was mentioning 500 years of Ottoman rule on Balkan, then please comment on elements stated in my text not on general historical themes.

        With regards,

        Esmir Milavic

  18. Sane Person says:

    WOW a lot of these negative comments came from serbs LOL
    just look at the names ,
    and all of them are twisting history to their beliefs !
    No wonder they are the best liars on earth !!! LOL

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