Angelina Jolie with Bosnian woman
Angelina Jolie with Bosnian woman

In week when Bosnia and Herzegovina and whole world is remembering largest and most sever genocide in the Europe after the Second World War one of the most influential persons in the world actress Angelina Jolie decide to direct her first movie about Bosnian war.

Main theme of her first directorial action, according to media reports, would be Bosnian war, rape and love. This comes as a result of her last year visit to Bosnian villages and her willingness to help victims of the war. Angelina Jolie visited Bosnia and Herzegovina accompanied by her husband Brad Pitt as Good Will Ambassador of UNHCR.

“After I visited this people and heard their stories I can’t say how important is to be focused on those ones who are in need. I have intention to came back in this beautiful country”, said Angelina Jolie during the visit.

Those one who had a chance to see first movie details are pretty convinced that movie would be “heavy” for watching.

According to media reports main role, will be presented by Angelina Jolie, would represent woman from Bosnia who has been raped by Serbian soldier at the start of the war. Later they become lovers and stay together and fight together with all war challenges.

Film would be filmed on several locations in Serbia later this year and it is expected that Mrs. Jolie would hire several well known Hollywood actors to be part of this project. This also would be great opportunity for local actors and film companies to get involved in big Hollywood projects and open worldwide movie markets for the future projects.

But as it is an expected anything, even good thing like this, on Balkan are not safe of controversial and nationalistic rhetoric. Mrs. Jolie started negotiations with Pink Films International Company but PFI CEO Mr. Zeljko Mitrovic refused to cooperate with Mrs. Jolie on this film.

Why Mr. Mitrovic refused to cooperate with Mr. Jolie? Well her description of Serbians in this movie is a reason why he doesn’t want to cooperate with her.

In media statement Mr. Mitrovic said:

“Previously I had great sympathies and respect for her name and actions but she’s full of prejudice towards Serbs. Cooperation with her would open a door of great movie business for us, but I don’t want to be a part of something what represents Serbs as bad boys.”