Croatia enters on Afghanistan market

CCE Chairman Nadan Vidosevic

CCE Chairman Nadan Vidosevic

Afghanistan is one of the biggest world markets on reconstruction, infrastructural investment and project, many international corporations and states are interested to enter this market. At this point only seven world countries are allowed to bid on any reconstruction or investment project, newly welcomed member of this club is Croatia.

Last week Croatia Chamber of Economy opened their Office in Kabul through which they will help Croatian companies to get jobs in Afghanistan.

Even if you are in this “royal” club and if you had a great offer for specific project decision who will get a job lays in hands of Karzai and his associates in Afghani government.  In effort to open Afghani markets to Croatian companies local leader would need to visit Kabul and held talks with President Karzai and his officials.

“This is the best way for fight with international concretion on global markets. In next few years we wouldn’t be able to ensure hundreds of millions of help from financial institutions and we would need to go on market and earn that money”, said Mr. Vidosevic to journalists in Kabul.

CCE Chairman Nadan Vidosevic said to reporters in Kabul that he expects start of work on specific projects in next few months. Mr. Vidosevic is experienced economy expert and he known how important for small country as Croatia is to enter on multibillion markets similar to Iraq, Afghanistan or for example Haiti in the future.


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