The Mark News: Is Fadden Right?

Author: Michael Juneau-Katsuya for The Mark News

The Director of CSIS is under heavy fire for saying too much, too soon, but he is right to speak out on real threats.

CSIS Director Richard Fadden has been facing numerous calls to step down over comments he made to the CBC, saying he had information proving certain Canadian politicians are under the influence of foreign agents. Testifying before the Standing Committee on Public Safety and National Security on July 5, Fadden admitted his comments may have gone too far or not followed the proper channels, but he maintained that his statements were true and represented a clear and present danger in Canada.

In this video, former CSIS operative and author Michel Juneau-Katsuya defends Fadden’s comments and criticizes the Standing Committee for what he sees as an inappropriate line of questioning that could have potentially jeopardized Canadian security.


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