Islamic state of Bosnia – true or false

Nikola Spiric

Nikola Spiric

Terroristic attack on Police station in city of Bugojno, Central Bosnia and Herzegovina, sparks debate between Bosniak and Serb political representatives about Bosnian future and possibilities that Bosnia would become Islamic state. According to first investigative reports those attacks are performed by small group of radical Islamists as revenge for imprisonment of several their followers in late 2009.

Since last attacks political representatives on all three sides in Bosnian political turmoil are using nationalistic and provocative rhetoric in effort to score political points in pre-elections campaign which unofficially started two weeks ago.

Bosnian Prime Minister Nikola Spiric, member of main Serbs party in B&H, expresses his concerns that B&H enters in a process of reforming herself from democratic to Islamic state adding that this project could be continued for several decades’ even centuries. He accuses Islamic world for financial support and support to radical Islamic forces in country.

“If citizens of Bosnia and Herzegovina are not convinced that that money it’s not invested in development of terrorism they are in enormous delusion. This [terroristic attack] was proof that there are resources for terrorism and my intention is to send warning to all our citizens. If those projects become reality it wouldn’t be pleasent to live in this country to anyone, neither for Bosniaks, Serbs or Croats. We need to find collective defence mechanism to suppress terrorism. If world powers as U.S. are calling on global action against terrorism, why Bosnia doesn’t take same stand in this situation”, said Mr. Spiric in Sarajevo.

Further Mr. Spiric said that terrorism would continue development though the time up to the moment when state cuts off and suppress those one who are supporters of terrorism and attack on innocent people.

Sulejman Tihic

Sulejman Tihic

Bosniaks leader and vice-president of Bosnian Parliament, Mr. Sulejman Tihic, promptly answered on Prime Ministers accusations that Bosnia would become Islamic state. In his reaction Mr. Tihic said that PM’s observations are foolish, incorrect, irresponsible and malicious.

“Our goal is secular Bosnia and we behave in that way. Political factors in Republic of Srpska are not convinced in our devotion to that but in certain way they are those one who are proclaiming and establishing religious state. Many institutions in smaller B&H entity are celebrating their days on [Orthodox] religious dates and they do that with knowledge that RS is a home for all three nations”, said Mr. Tihic.

In a same time Government of Republic of Srpska ruled by executive order that three high ranked priest in Serbian Orthodox Church situated in dioceses in Bosnia will received a state pension for life. Three archbishops will receive about $2200 CAD every month in a country where regular work pension is between $220 and $350 Canadian dollars.

This decision sparkle new discussions about relations between state and religious communities, because Orthodox priests are on care of the Church and they devoted their life to poverty and humbleness.


4 thoughts on “Islamic state of Bosnia – true or false

  1. O you Bosniaks you distorted your language with the words of your Muslim overlords of yore, you committed evil crimesuprovoked against the Serb people, go now to your Wedding, you have prepared your bed, and perfumed it for the Satan whom you espouse, while pretending to venerate Allah and committing crimes in his name and worshipping Falsehood.

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