Dodik: We will not declare independence from Bosnia

Milorad Dodik

Milorad Dodik

Nonbinding advisory rule on Kosovo’s indolence presented yesterday in Den Hague still trigs many reactions in Balkan’s. Media reports are concentrated on reactions from Bosnian entity with major Serbian population who’s claiming in the past that they would consider declaration of independence from Bosnia and Herzegovina.

Republic of Srpska Prime Minister Milorad Dodik said today in Eastern Herzegovina that RS would not declare independence and that they will not enter into adventurism of declaring independence which wouldn’t be recognized.

“We must remember that Northern Cyprus proclaimed his independence long time ago, and they are not recognized. Adventure of that kind will not be used here”, said Mr. Dodik.

Once more he repeated that RS remains committed to original Dayton Peace Agreement, not its degradation, and violence which was carried out by Office of High Representative and the international community. He also said that if someone sees Bosnian future as that he will also sees the RS in it, if not this decision will be welcomed and we will call on their right.

“We think we shall have a right to consume that decision, if so, of course, be needed. Until then we remain in a position of support for Serbia and its politics in relations to Kosovo. We should not be emotional and naive and do not say that the decision is a very important issue and will give wings to new recognitions of Kosovo’s independence and bring Serbia in more unfavourable position”, said Mr. Dodik.

He remains firm in previous RS decision that they would not permit to Bosnian state government to recognize Kosovo’s independence.

Talking about RS feelings towards Bosnia and Herzegovina Mr. Dodik said that they brought their personality in B&H through Dayton Peace Agreement but he also added that RS doesn’t feels well in B&H.

“BiH is a hindrance to our development and will cost us huge money,” he said.


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