Shimon Peres supports two state solution

Shimon Peres and Ivo Josipovic
Shimon Peres and Ivo Josipovic, photo:Pixsell

Israeli President Shimon Peres on Friday started his three day state visit to Croatia where he will held talks with President Ivo Josipovic and PM Jadranka Kosor, and he will visit Memorial complex Jasenovac [concentration camp in WWII] and laid his respect to the victims of Ustasha regime.

In interview to the Jutarnji list Newspaper Mr. Peres laid out his expressions about bilateral relations between Israel and Croatia, but also glimpses his opinion on future relations between Israel and Palestine.

Clearly President Peres supports idea of two states for Israeli’s and Palestinian’s. As wise politician and experienced man Mr. Peres explains current Israeli – Palestinian situation as a two persons who can’t live together under one roof.

“If two people can live together in the same building under the same roof for them you build two houses. You may not have agreed to share the same roof if you do not have such a floor”, said Mr. Peres.

Mr. Peres is said that force is not option and that there is no future if someone tries to use force as solution. The only plausible solution is two states in peace.

“We have two states. We cannot force them, and even those of us that live in the same house. In fact there is no future. There is the fact that we live next to each other in peace. There is no other solution than the one which involves two separate states. The Palestinians will get their independent state. There is some controversy on the border line, but it is not more than 3, 4 or 5 percent”, he said.

Dispute over humanitarian flotilla which was trying to enter to Gaza, and deliver several thousand tons of supplies to Palestinians is causing major international problems to Israel. President Peres thinks that this whole story was amazing and very well constructed and that key for naval blockade is in the hands of Hamas.

“The convoy had six ships. Provocation was organized on only one of them. They try to kill our soldiers and we have acted in self-defence. The whole story is amazing. Why did they send boats to Gaza when help can arrive by land? Nobody stops the supply of aid to Gaza. We have established the naval blockade, because we don’t want them to deliver weapons, but blockade can be picked up literally in five minutes. A key to this issue is in the hands of Hamas. They should say: ‘we will stop killing, we will stop terrorizing Israel’, and the matter is resolved. The will be no problems”, said Mr. Peres.

Responding on questions about Iranian nuclear programs and possibilities of building atomic bomb Mr. Peres said that this is not exclusive Israel’s problem but that is a worldwide problem. He also added that situation will be the same if someone tries to smuggle nuclear weapons in Chechenya, Iraq or Afghanistan, and that Iranian problem is combination of possession of weapons of mass destruction and irresponsible regimes.


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