Ganic is free – Judge: Serbia abused British system!

Ejup Ganic

Ejup Ganic

Westminster’s Court of Extradition refused today Serbia’s request to extradition of former member of Bosnian Presidency, Prof. Ejup Ganic. Prof. Ganic was arrested on Heathrow Airport in March this year upon Serbian arrest warrant on accusations of war crimes against soldiers and officers of Yugoslavian People Army in Dobrovoljacka Street in May 1992.

London Court Judge Timothy Workman said that Serbian prosecution abused British judicial system and that whole process against Prof. Ganic was politically motivated.

“They did not present any new evidence that could be deemed credible. This process was initiated for political reasons”, said Judge Workman.

According to information’s released by Prof. Ganic’s family and friends is expected that he would return to Sarajevo tomorrow after he receives all necessity documents from British Internal Affair Ministry.

“This is another truth about Bosnia. Of course, we defended Bosnia and we are proud of what we heard here in the closing days of the judge scores. We won and this will have a major role in future consolidation of the international position of Bosnia and development of relations with our neighbours”, said Prof. Ganic to BBC in London.

Bosnian and Croat members of Bosnian Presidency, Haris Silajdzic and Zeljko Komsic, welcomed Court decision describing this as a “justice victory”.

Spokesperson for Serbian Special War Crime Prosecution, Bruno Vekaric, said today that Prosecution is preparing appeal on higher Court in London in effort to dissolve Judge Workman decision.


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