NDP asks Harper for leadership over census

Stephen Harper and Jack Layton

Stephen Harper and Jack Layton

Federal NDP Leader Jack Layton calls PM Stephen Harper to show some leadership on the census controversy and engage in talks with the opposition parties about reaching a compromise. Layton suggested at the news conference that PM should meet him to discuss ideas on how to precede with governments decisions to scrap the mandatory long-form census and widespread opposition.

“The New Democrats believe that a compromise can be found and it’s got to be found and it’s got to be done quickly for the sake of all those Canadians who count on the programs and services that are designed based on the information in the census”, said Layton.

Layton’s initiative to meet with PM Harper and discuss ideas on compromise its welcomed but I think that this initiative will stay without realisation because PM is hiding from Canadian public for a weeks. It’s also clear that Harper again doesn’t care what Canadian public wants and what is important to them.

Unreliable data as it was explained by experts as Mr. Ivan Fellegi on special meeting of HoC Industry Committee on Tuesday didn’t rise alert in CPC and Harper’s government just because they don’t care about reliability they care about their own interests.

According to NDP’s leader reliable alternative to current CPC initiative to scrap long-term form would be simply amending the legislation do that incarceration is not a penalty for failing to fill out the census.

“No one has ever been jailed in Canada for refusing to complete it. It’s bogus threat. It’s never been used, so let’s fix that. We’ve got to preserve this only reliable portrait of who we are as a country”, said Layton.


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