Ignatieff’s struggles and trial by BBQ

Michael Ignatieff
Michael Ignatieff

Political and leadership situation in Canada is not one of the most usual news articles in world media but London based and influential The Economist Magazines finds space and interest for Canada from time to time. Latest issue brings short but educative article on current situation in Canadian politics including leadership “fight” between Michael Ignatieff and Stephen Harper, this article also portraits situation in Ignatieff’s Liberal Party.

Resuming Ignatieff’s seven week Liberal Express Canada tour The Economist said that main purpose of this tour was to sharpen leader’s political skills, adding that he’s previous public life role was mainly connected to the academics and media. Sharpening of Ignatieff skills was also used for test of LPC’s stamina and party readiness for an election campaign said The Economist.

The Economist’s, and for the most of Canadian public, verdict is mixed from several reasons. Ignatieff is often seen as wooden and aloof, but this tour gives his a chance to show little bit of his popular appeal. Beside rise of Liberal Party’s public support in last polls, The Economist founds large scepticism among the most experienced Liberal campaigners regarding their ability to win possible elections.

Harper’s side found themselves in the bad timing this summer. There are several reasons for Harper’s stumble this year, including census, veterans, gun registry…According to their article CPC has a strong majority in about 60 of Parliament’s 308 seats, mainly in rural and western areas. Unusually or not The Economist didn’t mentioned possible coalition government in next elections, but they give a important place to Bloq as high contestant to LPC in Quebec.

“Liberals think they uncovered growing economic unease among the suburban middle class in central Canada, another swing group. After a strong first quarter, the economy seem to be slowing, as have house sales. But their ability to exploit the anxiety is limited by Mr. Ignatieff’s lack of economic expertise, a trait he shares with the rest of his caucus. To his left, the New Democrats are trying to woo voters with active economic policies”, said The Economist.

Partial success of Michael Ignatieff by the time when Canadians pack their BBQ’s might be enough to forestall an election this year, concludes The Economist, adding that there is also possibility that Harper will send Canadians to the polls ninth time in seven years.

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