“The Best” thing for BC is to close all schools

Protesters in Collingwood area

Protesters in Collingwood area (Photo:TheVancouverSun)

Every day we hear advertisements and self-confident rhetoric’s that this or that including HST and all Campbell government moves are “The Best” thing for province and the citizens. More than that we are reading or listening about several new schools on the closure lists all over the BC. It seems that education is the last important thing for current governing team, so my proposal is to do “The Best” thing for BC and close all schools. It is sarcastic but if this government continue like this in next year or two BC children would be forced to move themselves in other provinces and territories where they can attend a school. Today’s The Vancouver Sun reports that parents, teachers and staff of three Collingwood area schools start protests in effort to save their schools. BC government enlisted those schools on the preliminary lists for closure in September 2011 due to provincial cut to education.

School Board chair Patti Bacchus who attended the protest said that they want to be engaged in the process and to “listen to the community”. Would parents, teachers, staffs or children opinion have any impact on the possible closure of schools? No, they wouldn’t. Government is ready to close a Carleton Elementary which has been there since 1896 and currently has over 375 students, and plays really successful role in educational processes in BC.

BC NDP Leader Carole James in her Op-Ed this morning writes about importance of education and she urges for better and improved educational system in the province.

“Today in B. C., two out of every 10 children fail to complete high school. For first nations children, that number more than doubles. The same is true for children with special needs. Indeed, the latest Progress Board report shows that B. C. is second to last in the country for graduation rates. And while it’s true that Canada is one of the most educated countries in the world, 40 per cent of British Columbians lack the literacy skills to thrive in today’s economy”, writes Mrs. James.

In times when schools over the Canada are implementing new technologies in educational processes, for example Electronic Whiteboards, BC’s teachers and students are fighting with government in pursue to save their schools. Every politician is ready to say few brave and inspirational words towards BC’s economy and future growth, but my question is how we will be competitive with other provinces, territories or nations if our educational system is in the bad shape?

In Carole James text I read this Robert Reich’s quote:

“Your most precious possession is not your financial assets. Your most precious possession is the people you have working and what they carry around in their heads.”

What we will have in future generation heads if we close all schools?


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