BC Liberals against Campbell

Gordon Campbell

Gordon Campbell

BC’s Premier Gordon Campbell is losing wide spread support in his Liberal Party all over the province, and calls for his resignation for parties sake are clearer and laughter. One of his top supporters and friends, former Williams Lake Mayor Scott Nelson, said to the several reporters that he wants Campbell to retire if he wants well to the party on the next elections.

“I think it’s time for him to retire. This decision hasn’t been taken lightly. He’s done some fantastic things in the province of B.C. But there comes a point in time when your core, key supporters are leaving the flock … because they’re so disenchanted with what’s going on right now”, said Mr. Nelson.

Years ago Nelson was one of the first BC Liberals to call Mr. Campbell to run for the Liberals leader and helped him wisely in his bid for Premiership. He also said that HST implementation was such a disaster that only Campbell resignation could save a Liberal Party in the province. Nelson urges Premier to announce his retirement on the upcoming party convention which would be held in November in Penticton.

“There is such an anger and frustration out there a lot of [party] members are walking away. They don’t want anything to do with the B.C. Liberals. They’re just very, very upset with what’s gone on right now”, he said.

In the past Liberal support for Campbell’s leadership was around 80 to 90 per-cent but according to Nelson in the current situation and HST problems that percentage comes down between 50 and 60 per-cent. For a long time now we heard opinions all over the BC that Campbell’s successor needs to be someone outside cabinet and someone whose integrity is not badly damaged by innumerous affairs in recent years.

Many voices, including Nelson’s, are calling for former Finance Minister Carole Taylor, Surrey’s Mayor Diane Watts, and former Cabinet Minister and CKNW’s host Christy Clark to replace Mr. Campbell. Mrs. Watts and Mrs. Clark already said that they are not interested in leadership role, for now, but Mrs. Taylor stays as one the most serious candidates for Premier position in the future.


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