HST non-biding referendum next year; recall campaign starts in November

Bill Vander Zalm is one of the Fight HST leader

Bill Vander Zalm is one of the Fight HST leader

HST non-biding referendum will be held next year upon Monday’s decision of BC’s Legislation Committee, and recall campaign which will target leading BC Liberal MP’s will start on November 15th under leadership of Fight HST team. Non-biding referendum will take a place in September 2011, approximately 14 months after implementation of HST started in British Columbia and Ontario. Chris Delaney, one of Fight HST leaders, said today that campaigners will be ready to hit the road and be ready for referendum and recall campaign.

“We’re going to recall as many of them as we can and as many as it takes to get rid of the HST and/or rid of the [B.C. Liberal] government, if that is what’s necessary in order to get rid of the HST,” said Delaney in interview to The Province.

Fight HST doesn’t want to leave a space of commodity to any of prominent BC Liberal MP’s and Cabinet members, and according to Delaney on the top of the recall list is Finance Minister Collin Hansen followed by others. Detailed information’s on recall campaign and targeted Liberal members will be delivered sometimes next week. It seems that one of the first names on the list will be John Slater, MP for Boundary Similkameen, who is member of Legislative Committee who made a decision on non-biding referendum. Main reason for his recall is that he voted against referendum.

The most unpopular Premier in Canada, Gordon Campbell, said to the journalists that in case that referendum doesn’t get a required 50% of votes his government would get rid of HST in BC and continue work on economic improvement of BC’s future. According to last Angus Reid Polls Campbell has only 12% of support of voters and public in BC, he’s facing himself with losing of Liberal leadership on upcoming convention which will be held in November in Penticton.

SFU’s public analyst Doug McArthur said to The Province that current situation is tough for Liberals not just because peoples are against HST, he’s confident that mislead and lost of confidence in government action is also one of the biggest problems for Campbell and his Party.

“People think they were misled and people just don’t trust them anymore. And people are very angry about that and want a way to lash out at them and punish them”, said McArthur.

Reading some of the comments posted on several media portals it’s visible that a lot of BC citizens are against non-biding referendum and spending around $30 million on it. Many of them are calling for full Liberal recall in November. Faith of Liberal leader Gordon Campbell lays in hands of convention delegates and possible recall, his successor could be known in next few weeks, and NDP’s leader Carol James gained some support in last months over the HST fight but it’s not clear if she’s favourable Premier candidate among BC citizens. This will open a space for Conservative Party or some newly formed party upon next early or regular elections in BC.


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