Dodik and Silajdzic are working for each other

International Institute for Middle East and Balkan Studies (IFIMES) recently published interesting analysis on upcoming Bosnian elections. Study titled: “Elections in Bosnia: Do you offer a solution for overcoming the crisis?” concludes that re-election campaign was dominated by Milorad Dodik, PM of Republic of Srpska and Serbs leader, and Haris Silajdzic, Bosniak representative in Bosnian Presidency. According to IFIMES those two leaders worked together in current campaign, same as they did in 2006, in roles of “national protectors”.


During a last few years Dodik adopted well known radical and nationalistic rhetoric developed in 1990’s by Serbian Democratic Party (SDS) and that-time leader Radovan Karadzic. This politic helped Dodik to run a campaign and RS under “threat” of Bosniak politicians and politics and to use it for personal promotion. Silajdzic’s return to active Bosnian politics in 2006 and radical campaign against other Bosniak parties helped to Dodik to broke already accepted reform of Bosnian police forces. Later that year Dodik and Silajdzic signed a new agreement on police “reform” with only result: Bosnia didn’t get united police forces as it was requested by international community, and Republic of Srpske kept their police forces which help to Dodik to kept RS under his control.


dodik i silajdzic rukovanje                                      Milorad Dodik and Haris Silajdzic

“Flammable and irresponsible statements by Haris Silajdzic against the Serbian Republic, after which the Bosniak returnees in RS under pressure, to threats, and very often physical attacks do not help the returning population, making life difficult for returnees. At the same time as Silajdzic, member of BiH Presidency only once visited the RS and that time is not even visited the returnees”, said IFIMES in a study.

Dodik’s public defence of “national” interests of Republic of Srpska are considered among IFIMES experts and other analysts are pretty confident that Dodik uses RS to protect himself and small group of people around him of possible prosecution, or even long-term sentences.

“According to reliable information, Dodik has been in talks with some international officials expressed a willingness, under certain conditions even recognize the independence of Kosovo, in order to avoid dismissal of his prosecution and trial”, said IFIMES adding: “Silajdzic’s return to the political scene is related to the failure to adopt the so-called. the April package of constitutional changes in 2006. Again it was about his manipulation of the masses. Over the past four years Silajdzic’s policy is completely defeated, he lost his reputation among the citizens. Trying to focus public attention to himself by pretending to be, that he supposedly saved Ejup Ganic, a former member of BiH Presidency of the London prison. It is, nobody knows at the time of manipulation”.

On elections ballot, for elections which will be held on October 3rd, Dodik is candidate Presidential candidate for Republic of Srpska, and Siladjzic runs for re-election in Bosnian Presidency but his chances are little bit lower in current conditions. If they stay in the power after elections Bosnia and Herzegovina probably will remain in a same situation for next four years what would be catastrophe for average Bosnian men. Bosnia needs new and fresh generation of politicians ready to work with each other towards future not to kept Bosnia in a 20th century and post-war instability, 


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