Inzko: Bosnia will end up in EU or in isolation

As a election date approaches pressure on Bosnian voters is bigger and bigger. Hatred rhetoric, nationalistic approach to political spectrum in other national groups, and inner national fights are major elements of campaign. International community representatives not only in Sarajevo issued several calls to voters to vote against current coalition and to choose wisely to whom they will give support on Sunday’s vote. Latest call comes from EU Headquarters in Brussels from EU High Representative for Bosnia and Herzegovina, Mr. Valentin Inzko, who was speaking on the conference devoted to Bosnian Diaspora and EU integrations.

Mr. Inzko said in Brussels that Bosnia has only two choice: bright future in European Union or isolation and continuation of suffering in next for years.

inzko dodik Milorad Dodik and Valentin Inzko

“In all parties, has quality people, and those that are presented as tvrodkorni know very well that this is the only way forward. Or to the European Union, or – isolation”, said Mr. Inzko adding additional calls to citizens to vote for younger candidates, as well for entrepreneurs.

In his opinion Bosnian citizens should vote for those candidate whom are expected to be able to realise their promises in next four years. Latest’s polls are showing that almost 80% of Bosnians supports EU integrations; all political parties are nominally supporters of EU integrations but that support depends on elections results and how successful will be next governing coalition.

Inzko didn’t want to speculate on a date when Bosnian will get nomination for EU membership but he said that realistic date is somewhere between two and three years from now. Previously he said that if Bosnia continues to approach EU with this speed that approximate date when it will become EU member is somewhere around 2020.

“For Bosnia is crucial to get the nomination, because it opens up great opportunities. Opening up funds, the country was lifted from the inside, building up infrastructure. However, they are mistaken who think that something like this could happen automatically. The European Union is quite certainly does not need to receive B&H. The path to EU reforms, and other times simply does not exist. forward, or isolation”, he said.

As I wrote yesterday many analysts are concerned that nationalistic parties would win elections and that they would kept Bosnia away from EU integration in effort to kept themselves in power. Also few of them are trying to stay in power so they can save themselves and small group of their confidents from possible criminal prosecution and long-term sentences.


One thought on “Inzko: Bosnia will end up in EU or in isolation

  1. Ron says:

    Hope these elections will bring clarity on some issues. The problem is: Muslims want more central state while Serbs (and Croats) want less.

    Bosnia also has to answer the question: if Kosovo then why not RS…

    I am not optimistic about Bosnia to be honest…

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