Few changes in Bosnian Parliament

Bosnian citizens didn’t choose to make big changes in their future that’s a one of the clearest results of Sunday’s elections. State and entity Parliaments formation would stay basically a same in next four years, few players and their political teams will exchange their position and that would be that. Any serious change in Bosnian politics is almost impossible based on current election results, only possibility is that something can be changed after Election Commission finishes a work on irregular voting ballots.


According to Election Commission over 60,000 votes are irregular in smaller Bosnian entity of Republic of Srpska and around 70,000 votes are irregular in Federation of B&H. The most of the votes are for Presidency of Bosnia and Herzegovina. Main opponents of designate members Mr. Nebojsa Radmanovic (Serb) and Mr. Bakir Izetbegovic (Bosniak) are asking EC to recount votes and check why are there so many irregular votes, hopping that they could get decision in their favour.

Bosnian Parliament building

Based on current situation two many parties in state Parliament would be SNSD main Serbs Party lead by President-elected of RS and RS former PM, Mr. Milorad Dodik, and Social-Democratic Party of B&H lead by former Foreign Minister, Mr Zlatko Lagumdzija. Following parties which would be considered as a possible partners in majority coalition are main Bosniak Party SDA, two major Croats parties Croatian Democratic Union and Croatian Democratic Union 1990. In this constellation of political power SDP would give a new Prime Minister and other four parties would fulfill other important positions in the government, less important position would be distributed by election results and national key. Placement in state government will effect distribution of speaker and deputy speaker positions in the state Parliaments houses, because only two holder of the most important position could came from same national group. Only exchange would be movement of Party for Bosnia and Herzegovina, lead by former Presidency member Haris Silajdzic, from government to opposition and same party probably would be removed from power in Federation of Bosnia and Herzegovina. Silajdzic’s party still has a some chances to be part of the leading coalition in Republic of Srpska.

Federation Parliament configuration is almost a same and than political position will be distributed based on a same rules, but because there is smaller Serb population in FB&H, they would get significantly smaller amount of leading position. They could count on deputy speaker position in the Parliament, and several ministerial positions in areas of trade, agriculture…Leading position will be divided between SDP, SDA and CDU’s.

Parliament of Republic of Srpska would be majorly formed by SNSD leading Serb party whom will probably made a coalition with main Bosniak party, SDA, which will get a position of deputy speakers and few ministerial positions in new RS government.

US Ambassador, Patrick Moon, urged political parties to start their work immediately and to  fulfill their duties as fast as they can. He said to the media in Sarajevo that there is a lot of work in front of newly elected government and that they must to be serious about that and about Bosnian future.


4 thoughts on “Few changes in Bosnian Parliament

  1. Ron says:

    So what now? Serbs and some Croats want less Bosnia. Muslims want more Bosnia.

    It is like the situation in Belgium: Flemish want less Belgium and a lot of them want to have an independent Flanders in the future. Wallones want things to stay the same and if possible an even stronger national government.

    Belgium does not have a government for 4 months now…

    It is hard to set a course if the main actors really want really different things!

    • Quick answer on this comment. Everything under six months would be success for Bosnia and Herzegovina. This morning I read a statement from Dodik’s deputy who said that they would go in coalition with any other party than with SDP, and SDP is strongest party from Federation in national Parliament, so there are two choices: one is political compromise and trade, other one is blocade of state functions and institutions. Will have a more info in about two weeks when CEC confirms official results and starts mandate distribution.

  2. Ron says:

    I hope there will be a stable government soon. And this government really has to look to the future. Do ‘we’ want a unified state? Or two very autonomous entities? Or even seperation?

    It is up to the peoples of Bosnia. But remember: if Kosovo can go, so can RS and Herzegovina!

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