Everyone is guilty, only Harper is innocent

Since Tuesday and amazing withdraw of Canadian bid for seat in U.N.’s Security Council we are faced with sever Conservative attack on almost everyone in the country and in the world who thinks that PM Harper and his policy made a case against Canadian bid. As we heard from Foreign Affair Minister, Lawrence Cannon, main opponent should I say “criminal” is Opposition Leader, Michael Ignatieff, later through the media we acknowledge that UAE and U.S. didn’t found appropriate to support Canadian bid.

PM Harper said to the media that Canada will stand by its principles and it will defend same as a part of Canadian diplomatic and foreign policy. Using things like this Harper show to everyone, especially to his fellow Canadians, that he doesn’t have a foreign policy and that he always needs someone else for a blame when his “principles” fail to represent Canada on every and each level of his leadership role. That comment would probably be one of latest nails in Canadian foreign affair politics, because many countries would say that accusations like that are made against them and that they voted for someone who doesn’t have a principles. Can u imagine how Germany will act towards Canada in further diplomatic relations when our leader accuses them for getting SC seat on popularity base on a base of their own principles? Also its shameful if your partners, as UAE, starts to fight against you and more over is shameful if your policy is so weak that one country can turn large number of countries against you. You can’t continue to work on your international agenda after those accusations. Your only hope can be to start communication with foreign partners and to avoid new disputes over something what you destroyed with your own actions.

Many commentators in those days mentioned G8/G20 meeting this summer in Canada as something important for Canadian bid for SC seat. Yes G8/G20 are important events but when our Prime Minister comes out on those meetings with numerous cuts in funding for internationally supported projects, no one sees those meetings as something positive on Canadian account. Did he ask himself how much damage he caused to Canadian foreign policy with that approach to fellow international counterparts?

If Opposition Leader, Michael Ignatieff, is really so powerful and strong leader as CPC accusation said he should be Prime Minister, because in that case Canadian bid would get much more support than 78 votes. If he can turn around so many international leaders from Ottawa, not even being in New York, that’s something amazing and we need a leader like that as a Prime Minister. But even if that is not true, Mr. Harper, should call elections and accept responsibility for his and his fellow Ministers mistakes. That would be right and honourable move, and at the end he would probably be in position to regain some of his accountability in the future.


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