Bosnia is a failed state

William Montgomery is former U.S. Ambassador to Serbia and Croatia, and Special adviser for Balkan to the President of the United States. This former diplomat today lives on a relation U.S. – Serbia and regularly comments on a Balkan situation, and Bosnia is one of the most interesting regions for his analyses. In an interview for Face TV Mr. Montgomery said that the Bosnia is a failed state in which nothing is working and one of the solutions can peaceful dissolution of the country. It’s also interesting that current and all previous administrations since Clinton took the office in 1993 are not supporting dissolution idea of Bosnia and Herzegovina.

In his claims that Bosnia is a failed state, Mr. Montgomery, said that nothing is resolved in a last 15 years, despite efforts by international community. He also advocates that no one should be forced to stay in the country that doesn’t work. Looking through his eyes everything should be fine in Bosnia if Republic of Srpska get’s right on dissolution from Bosnia and Herzegovina.

According to his views Bosniak politicians should start thinking about this kind of alternative, noting that in favour of dissolution is the fact that Serbs and Croats of Bosnia and Herzegovina do not feel like their country and they don’t want to live in it.

Answering on a journalist question on genocide committed in Bosnia and Herzegovina from 1992-1995 Montgomery said that he’s not able to conclude which level of crimes is committed in Bosnia, but that Bosnians are living in the past. He also avoided to clearly answer on a question is he lobbyist for Serbian side at this dispute. 

Following his interview, Professor Jasna Barjaktarevic, from University of Sarajevo, said that Mr. Montgomery showed well trained and schooled diplomatic manner in conversation which allows him to present half-true, half-lie answers on all journalist questions. That diplomatic way of responding always causes more intrigues because listeners would start asking themselves what’s hiding behind presented answers.

Beside Serbian request for a dissolution from Bosnia, Croatian side is asking for constitutional reform and formation of third exclusive Croatian entity in Bosnia and Herzegovina. Face TV journalists visited small enclave of Federation of Bosnia and Herzegovina – Posavina Canton, which is surrounded and divided by Republic of Srpska territory. Croatian population is a majority in this part of Bosnia and they would be included in so-called Croatian entity if that political structure would be established in the future.

Journalists asked representatives of political and religious life what they think about Third (Croatian) entity idea, and local political Ninoslav Susilovic said: “If we get a Third entity that will mean that Serbian will end up on Una (borber river between Bosnia and Croatia), will get Islamic state in hearth of Europe and that doesn’t mean anything good.”

On the other side friar Marijan Zivkovic said: “We are still trying to found ourselves, but we are still unable to found us.” His words are clear signal that all three national groups in Bosnia are trying to build their own proper strategy for life with other national groups, but local leaders are not ready to exchange their policies from 1980’s to 2000’s.


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