“Bitching rights” and Young Canadians

“The civic and political literacy of young Canadians is appallingly low” – Fmr. Amb. Robert Fowler

When I visited last night The Vancouver Sun web-site I couldn’t believed that I’m reading a report from ceremony dedicated to an  academic event and about honorary degree to former Canadian Ambassador to UN, Mr. Robert Fowler. In Bosnia old generation has a verb which said: “This guy lost his compass”; I solemnly think that Mr. Fowler lost his compass and that he would hardly find it in sooner future. He disgracefully attacked young Canadians in educational institution which honoured him with degree based on his previous work for Canadian society; but after this speech I think that leadership of University of Ottawa should think about revoking it.

Dozens of thousands of young Canadians every single day seats down and wrote their political blogs, they are active on Twitter, Facebook and any other social network, in effort to reach as much Canadians to pursue them to be part of a change of current really dishonest leadership of Canada. Many other thousands are politically active on all levels of government all over the Canada, and not only in Canada but also all over the world. Did we need to mention Canadian blogger arrested in Iran and sentenced on long-term jail because he was exercising his “bitching rights”. But Mr. Fowler doesn’t see us as active Canadian’s, we are “collectively ignoring” our civic responsibilities, for him we also “enthusiastically disqualifying” ourselves from any right to demand good government and effective Canadian engagement aboard.

Well I want to be totally personal and open. I emigrate to Canada in May 2007, and according to Canadian law I would be able to apply for Canadian citizenship early next year, but even if I don’t have a right to vote I have a right to express myself against government who doesn’t govern in a proper and satisfying way. Mr. Fowler I pay every single year taxes to this country, I obey Canadian laws, I hardly work for my better future, and I had a right to exercise my “bitchy rights” if I think that current or any other government doesn’t work good for our fellow Canadians and myself.

“They can’t decide whether to go out there and engage or not, because the world out there is part of their world. And that world will get back at them, whether they like it or not”, said Mr. Fowler.

We are reaching that world Mr. Fowler, we know our directions in that world. Some of us are more frustrated with failed Canadian bid for SC seat than that is a Canadian Foreign Affair Minister, Lawrence Cannon, who attacked leader of Opposition for that fail. We are frustrated with wrong system of taxes, F-35 purchase, G8/G20 meetings, fake lakes, glowsticks… Young Canadians are asking Prime Minister and government to step down and give a power to someone else who’s more prepared to  return Canada to her previous place in world of international politics, human rights, and cooperation with foreign powers. Every singe day Canadian youth is asking Government to do more for Native Canadians, to stop throwing out our money, to help Africa, to work on peace agreement between Palestine and Israel. Did you, Mr. Fowler, ever read our posts on local issues? By my political orientation I am liberal, but I’m highly critical towards our Liberal government in B.C., on school closures, many scandals, and actions of our Premier Campbell.

Those are my “bitchy rights” and I exercise them every day, and I would continue to do that. For you would be better to take yourself out of your inner shell and go out to talk with young Canadians and learn about them and their activism before you ever spoke again about Canadian youth.        


5 thoughts on ““Bitching rights” and Young Canadians

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