Citizens: Campbell must to go

B.C. Premier Gordon Campbell doesn’t get much support from his fellow citizens after last week televised speech which cost same citizens more than $240,000 dollars. Open letters, opinions and comments are quite clear, he’s popularity is continuing to go down. Last month polls showed that only 9% of citizens supports his actions and policies.  This is probably reason why B.C. Liberal leaders scheduled an meeting for Thursday, even if they don’t want to confess that, Campbell’s position and future probably would be on the table to be discussed. Maybe caucus would give him support to continue to be leader and Premier, but still it would be interesting to see what the Liberal delegates would say on Party convention which is scheduled for the end of November in Penticton.

In a same time when delegates would discuss B.C. Liberal future in Penticton Anti-HST campaign led by former Premier, Bill Van Der Zalm, will start their recall action in the major part of the province, and that will be another pressure for a Campbell and his team in a next month or two. Delegates should think which message to send to the constituencies before recall campaign starts, how they will convince voters to don’t support recall action and to save all those MLA’s in their positions.

Premier’s speech was a well written and prepared for televised presentation; sweet words and personal experience background as a spin element are always welcome but in Campbell’s case they didn’t make any good. Tax reductions, and promises to improve school system in B.C. are amazing moves for hard-core liberal supporters, but citizens want concrete and sincere actions;  and less hidden agendas on Premier’s desk. After he shot his own foot over the HST any positive or close to the move doesn’t seems to be good or correct in the eyes of citizens, that is a result of his televised speech. Basi-Virk case and government decision to pay court costs where another shot, so both of his foots are badly injured, he needs better tactics for the remaining time of his third mandate.

If you run through the letters to local and provincial newspapers you would found that daily five or six citizens wrote open letters against Campbell’s actions, rare are those one who said that he’s on the right path. One letter in The Vancouver Sun said:

“What a clumsy, desperate attempt Premier Gordon Campbell made to try to buy his way out of the trouble he’s in, and I certainly hope that media don’t let him get away with it.”

Other said:

“Campbell’s ‘explanation’ for the introduction of the HST was both disingenuous and incredible. I also found his introduction of a tax cut entirely inappropriate.”

The Province reader in his letter praises Premier Campbell for his action over a three-term leadership of B.C. and said:

“When Gordon Campbell ran for premier, our province was saddled with 12 years of consecutive debt. The NDP ran our province into the ground, with fudge-it budgets and go-nowhere capital projects. They talked the talk of helping the poor, and held the welfare rate for 12 years. The only people who were making money with the NDP in power were the aluminum welders who put together those fast-cat ferries.”

No one can say that Gordon Campbell didn’t had a good moves for B.C. in a first years of his mandate as a Premier, but in this situation and with growing opposition all over the province the best thing for him would be retreat and to move himself or on MLA bench or in political pension. He had he’s chance to the best for province, but maybe is a time for new faces. In my opinion is not just time for new face on Premier position but for a whole new governmental team, a team without any ballast on it, and a team who would be able to restore citizens confidence in Liberal government.   


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