Media&Twitter: Coleman vs. Watts

BC Leadership candidates will end up their silence in next three to four days, it’s expected that many of them will held out their intentions in hours after Liberal Party executives decide on a Convention date. Executives will met on a Saturday to decide which date is the best for Convention and which will give them enough time to prepare proper race. Many of the possible candidates are keeping their mouth wide shut just to avoid any leaks about their attentions, and to generate some media attention. Same situation will give them a chance to see how public reacts on their attentions.

If we analyze last few days in local and national print media we can actually read their pulse on candidates. The Globe and Mail has a great attraction for Dianne Watts possible candidacy. Long, factual and almost marketing personalized articles are published in a last few days explaining to their readership why she is a great candidate for BC Premier position. Vancouver’s The Vancouver Sun and The Province are much more concentrated on outgoing Premier Campbell and general predictions about leadership race.

“She is unscripted, unguarded – and unlike any politician in British Columbia. That, plus the fact that she just might be the best mayor in the world, is the reason Dianne Watts has risen to the top of the list of likely successors to Gordon Campbell”, writes Mark Hume in his articles titled: “Surrey mayor considers her next political move”.

Gary Mason describes Dianne Watts as “A mayor with a mission – should she choose to accept it”, and continues with remarks that Gordon Campbell, as Mason said Type A control freak, often offended women’s ”by diminishing their accomplishments and undercutting their authority”.  And he continues saying that Party currently praises a woman who’s known as open, collegial and political team governing.

“As mayor of Surrey, Ms. Watts has built a reputation as a savvy political pragmatist with unerring instincts. The speed with which she and her six-member Surrey First council team – five of whom are female – transformed a city that was always mentioned with a knowing wince has been breathtaking. It’s no wonder so many want her to bring her magic touch to the provincial scene”, said Mason.

Social-media on the other side has an eye on current minister Rich Coleman whom is praised as possible leader because he is one of the most active BC Liberal’s on Twitter. I must to say that Patti Schom-Moffatt (@pattism) posted on her blog an amazing analysis titled: “Using Twitter to Predict the Next BC Premier” about Twitter and possible leader candidates. Even if she’s mentioning Naheed Nenshi and his election for Calgary Mayor, I’m not sure that we will have situation like that in BC, but Twitter’s importance will be really high. In her analysis Schom-Moffatt found that most likely BC Premier from Twitter will be Rich Coleman.

“Rich Coleman (@colemancountry), has been identified as another possible contender. Coleman has 594 followers – fewer than Falcon and not enough to get elected unless his only competitor was George Abbott. But while Abbott tweeted a total of 9 times, and Falcon 84 times, Coleman is more prolific at 312, and a lot more current as well, having tweeted as recently as yesterday. The other advantage Coleman has over his soon to be rivals, is that he sounds real and he both engages and responds – and I’d put money on the account being his alone”, said Schom-Moffatt.

Both sides will be extremely important in this race and all of us will be in need to understand them as much as we can before we decide whom will be BC’s next leader. Twitter user should enter in their search boxes hashtag: #leadbcl and trace all Tweets regarding BC Liberal leadership race.


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